I have be deceive

About a month and week ago i went to a spiritual store to buy helpful book for my studies in magic.but i did not find any helpful book there,so i was chatting with the store keeper he told me he have a friend who could direct and assist me that i will find my path very easy.he introduce me to his friend we had a conversation,he said he was working with 600 demons but now he is a pastor so he will help me to have the angels of God to walk with.he demand for some amount of money to buy the things i needed to perform that ritual i didn’t have so i went and work hard to earn that sum.i came back to him,he receive the money from me and anoint me with certain oil,he said to me to go come home and return back on saturday i went there on that day.he gave me ,witchcraft soap to bath,special seal for witchcraft to burn it in fire,certain oils to applied on my body.i should fast without eating from morning to even and in the even i should eat (gari mash cassava)with sugar, and banana for seven days.some psalm to read starting from monday night 11pm to 3am,tuesday 10pm to 2am,wednesday 12pm to 3am,thusday 12pm to 2am and sat 3am to 12noon.i did’t understand when he first gave it to me i thought night and morning.i did’t know i will recite throughout.how can a person recite psalm 8hrs without ceasing.he have deceive me and i don’t know how i could have my money back.any advise will be much appreciated.

It depends on where you are. There are a lot of people out there like that. If you didn’t have anything in writing, there’s nothing you can do. It’s your word against his.

Just learn from the experience and burn some dog poo poo in front of his door

Yeah, great idea. Just don’t get caught! LOL!

Perhaps you could ask for help from someone like Andromalius
I have him working on some assholes that nearly put my families’ business under. He’s promised to return to us every penny they took (and then some) and make them suffer for it.

Valefor suggested him to me and says he’d likely help you as well…
Word of caution, these two demons don’t get along at all. Valefor is a master thief and Andromalius despises thieves.

Hope that bastard gets what he deserves.

How do you know the riual has not worked? Did you expect to literally see angels around you? How long did you give for results to manifest? What were the results supposed to be?

Andromalius will likely be able to tell him if it was a trick or if the guy was serious.

The best teachers you can find live on the astral realm.