I have an intimate bond with azael. (not azazel)

Hi there stranger, I thought as a rookie I would dive into the deep end of magick and summon Azazel. I kinda messed it up and made a pact with the wrong demon. when I fell asleep I met her, I met azael, or at least I feel that’s her name. I felt that she chose to come to me for a reason.

so being the amateur that I am, I gave her my body do with as she pleased just to see what would happen. to put it bluntly we spirit-fucked and she decided to live in my left arm and left eye.

ive been getting weird and violent instincts, and ive been much more sensitive to energy influences. so far she is fulfilling the pact that I tried to make with azazel, but with some unexpected alterations.

she appeared as female. white hair. huge yellow eyes. white robes. she look very young but felt very old.

if anyone has had anything similar happen to them that I can learn from or if anyone has any advise to a young novice like me id like to hear it.

thank you.

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Has Azazel appeared as a woman to anyone else?

I don’t think it was azazel. the energy felt slightly different, so I think her name is azael.

but then again I am inexperienced so I might be wrong.

Azael is a fallen angel from the Book of Enoch, cast out of heaven for opposing Enoch’s ascent as the archangel Metatron, along with Uzza and Azza. He (or she) is also said to have taught sorcery to man.

Azael’s sometimes seen as an alternate spelling of Azazel, and their backstories are very similar. I’d say she should still be capable of fulfilling whatever that pact is; they’re very much in the same current.

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i trully can not tell that Azazel is not feminine.

Azazel feels masculine, but also feminine, as i felt later in my work.

really, it could very well be that Azazel is in fact Her, the Black Soul of All.

as the Prophets have said already.

only the Devil makes me smile…

Be wary of Spiritual Obsession. If you go too deeply too quickly; don’t play with hell-fire, you will get burned.

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That’s not true. I have very close bonds with certain spirits and they have never tried to fuck with me in any way. They have always been helpful, humorous, teaching me life lessons. I have gained a hell of a lot from these spirits, and I don’t mean material possessions because I could care less about material objects, I mean they have literally taught me how to be compassionate, kind, happy 24/7, wanting to help other people, getting along with my family now, my relationship with my daughter is excellent now.

My mom tried to Christianize her and alienate her from me and that was reversed. My mom is nice to me now, and my daughter and I have a very close bond now. I have learned adult responsibilities by allowing these spirits to mentor and guide me, to be more mature, more determination, NOTHING but positive life changes so I find it highly fucked up that you would get on here and say what you just said.

You have no idea about these spirits obviously, and I will defend them and their names any day.

I think I should add that on the second night, she came to me in a dream again. This time she was a fox, she still had the same energy.

Instead of sex we just played in a grassy field surrounded by adults scowling us.

Even as i post this I can feel her move around in my arm and eye. It feels like she gets stronger when I spread her knowledge around. Then again that is what I promised her in return for power.

Any thoughts or questions?

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A fox … Left arm and eye :thinking:
Feels like you are having movement within your left breast/pectoral…
I was recently reading up on my favorite Demon…
She sounds like her…
Japanese Demon named Kitsune

Hope it helps

Xoxo :crown::smiling_imp:

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