I have an interesting question!

If there was a spell or ritual that existed in a movie/series/anime/etc. And of course the given spell/ritual would be greatly explained on how it works in that universe and the meaning it has and pretty much everything. Now, let’s say that the movie/series/anime/etc. is really famous and really many people know about that ritual and know perhaps a little bit more that the basics on how it works because they like it.

The spell/ritual isn’t from our world but if it’s that much accepted and powered by all these people’s thoughts in that way, could a magician make the exact same spell/ritual in the exact same way and make it work successfully?


Yes, why not??

All the concepts shown in DBZ is possible from garlic gun to kamehamea to spirit bomb to instant transmission :wink:

However you might have to try more than once initially till you get it right the first time, as you do it more often it will become easier.


I’m thinking more of the summoning ritual in the fate series. It’s a fully explained ritual with its own circle and words, etc.

But I’m also asking this in general because it’s a really good question for many aspects of magic!

Most ideas on tv are dereived from some truth


Whatever we can imagine exists in the astral plane. When writers write something they gotta have a story and background. So whatever the ritual you have seen in the fate series should have a story and background. Whoever is called have some skills or attributes, images etc. If you can summon it, you can give it a task.

Understanding Magick completely is beyond our comprehension. Best thing to figure out if it works or not is to TRY IT and SEE for yourself :slight_smile:

If you are really curious to know if its works or not, give it a try and see for yourself :wink:


You can even evoke imagine gods with succes. And you can make your own ritual that was never been created by anyone before, and it can work. So you can go with ritual from movie :slight_smile:


Dude anything you can think of can be done with the right amount of force combined with the right form. A ritual doesn’t need to be widely accepted to work. You can create gods, which are Thoughtforms. You can create rituals, entities, and entire worlds in the astral plane. If you can imagine it, you can do it.


That’s true. The ritual was created via the thoughts and the whole procedure was created via the same way. In other words, since spirits from fiction exist, this ritual exists too. Since many people accept it, its power over this dimension has gotten bigger too.

The problem is, that this ritual is takes power from the holy grail which is not the holy grail that we know but a magical item that the church calls holy grail, that’s why it works and spirits from history or folklore are getting summoned in this dimension and their anchor in this world is the person who summoned them. That’s something that I need to think about.

However, I understand that it can work if done correctly!

It’s hard to understand why it would work and why the thoughts can make a ritual such as this have such an impact on this dimension but then again, magic can’t be understood just like that (even though I understand how energy works and how thoughts work…but you know what I mean…)

It would work because magick works and is empowered by the castor and the castor’s intention.

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I’m pretty sure that some magicians use sigils and circles from Fullmetal Alchemist…which, in turn, borrows heavily from established occult signs.

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Creepypasta rituals seem to work well.


Then I should learn more about the ritual itself and how to do it and try it.