I have adhd and have trouble calming down enough to Astral Project, any tips?

As the title says, I have ADHD (also OCD) and I have trouble calming down enough to Astral Project, so does anyone have any ways that could help me out?


Then astral project immidiatly after you have woken up in the morning while the body is already relaxed. That way is also very fast


Give yourself something you can hyperfocus on, like a sigil and then the conversation in your mind, and maybe add tools to distract those side parts of your brain so they don’t get all in the way - like for studying in school, allow yourself fidget toys or gum.

I hold a pen and find automatic writing helpful.

I also find meditative music good - keeps the auditory part of the brain focused - and, that will help your brain sync to meditative frequencies - I like shamanic journey drumming, not ‘music’ myself.


I agree with the Shamanic journey drumming possibly guided giving yourself multiple things to focus on but all with the same goal.

You can always use a weighted blanket to help your body relax.

Keep it short around 25-30 minutes I know this is still a long time for someone with ADHD but from my experience once in a trance state at the 15min point it tends to be a bit easier to go to 30 minutes.

If you try before you go to sleep you my find that doing it for multiple nights in a row you will start to get better visions and control.
then when your mind and body get used to it you can change your focus to astro travel.

IMO A good tip for someone with ADHD is to have the senses Occupied,
So burn some incense, listening to drumming, hold crystals or feel the blanket in your hands, visions for sight, have a herbal drink before that leaves a taste in your mouth.

My son has ADHD and Autism and has been using meditation/shamanic drumming since he was 2yrs old, it brought a sense of calmness and helps with processing his thoughts and the world around him.


I know I’m a bit late, but I’m gonna give a non magick idea. How do you react to caffeine?
For a lot of people with ADD/ADHD caffeine can often help calm them down. It also helps prevent falling asleep while astral traveling.
I have ADD myself and both coffee and my meds help in a similar way.
For method I have always found building a small space in my mind slowly can help distract me from my body long enough to close off most of my senses.
Sometime I have to just slowly imagine something.


ADD is over-rated, with a long enough breath meditation, you will easily be able to leave your body, as for diet, cut down on sugar and gluten and that should probably help a bit


I do get calmer when I drink caffein, so I’ll try that

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As someone who has ADHD, beads and strings with knots help (or a roseary to keep focus), so does using your imagination as you breath, like your breath is travelling up and down your body like its a huge chasm. I also enjoy drinking coffee or yerba mate to calm down and really anytype of external stimulation helps, incense is also a great tool to get into the mindset.

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This is true, hence my saying you need tools, even chewing gum can help.
I’m not diagnosed (I’m too old) but I have a mind like a butterfly. I cant watch a film without something to do for my hands or I can’t sit still through it - I gave up trying and put on headphones and make art while I listen and dip in if the visuals become necessary, or it goes quiet. ( I hate going to the cinema, it’s so uncomfy to be stuck in one seat for 2 hours, I usually refuse invitations to the movies.)
Zen meditation is not for me, and I don’t see that as a problem.

My best time for AP is in the morning after waking up and I’m relaxed - put the alarm an hour earlier and do it while having a ‘lay in’?

I’m not sure it’s about being “calm” as such, it’s about focusing and letting your body fall asleep while your mind is awake. You can be super calm and be wide awake. You can be asleep and fighting for your life. You can be cool as a cucumber and still very engaged and interested in something. My kids has add and goes to sleep listening to music, and his idea of ‘calm’ music is not calm for me.

I think there’s a lot of judgment from people that assume other people should all think and respond like them and it must be a problem if you don’t.

I would say, forget their opinions of what your problem is, they usually don’t help - focus on the goal and the obstacles… If the problem is “I’m trying to astral project but instead keep getting up to make a cup of tea”, figure out what distracts you, sit through the itches, take magnesium to fix the restless legs, go for a run first to deplete your glycogen and remove excess body energy, do what’s needed to get your system in the energy state you want.
Like sports performance, a lot is psychological - if you think you can’t do it, you won’t.


One thing I used to do to help me astral project and meditate in general is instead of removing as many distractions as possible add some in on purpose. The reason I did was the idea if I can do this with something I want to watch or listen to then it should be easier without. Like resistance training or weight training for your mind. If you can just barely managed to do it with a distraction and a lot of them then once you’re an environment that is more suitable it becomes a lot easier. Also sometimes when you try to eliminate all of the distractions you make it so you can easily get distracted by a single thing. Think about when you’re in a silent room taking a test in you can’t stop thinking about the person beside you tapping the pencil.

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And I thought I was the only one.


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Sounds like you might be high functioning Autism too, like me. OCD is usually a comorbidity of Autism. Try supplements with greens, Tumeric, Garlic, probiotics and Saffron.

The Saffron really calms the mind.

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Yeah ive found that they work extremely well :slight_smile: