I have a writing question that also involves the occult

So, I’m writing a story about an African American family who adopts a Caucasian teenage boy, and later find out he has high functioning autism. The mothers of both families were close friends, and have agreed that if anything were to happen to either one of them, the other would adopt their kids. The adoptee’s family was killed in a car crash with a drunk driver.

Damien, the autistic adoptee, has decided he blames God for him being autistic, and the various issues that come out of it. His family’s tragic deaths have only made him even more upset. So, in the search for answers, and personal empowerment, he turns to the occult.

I originally decided to make Damien take interest in ceremonial magick, particularly Hermetic. He also worships the Egyption scribe god, Thoth/Tehuti. Ceremonial magick seems to carry a well defined body of practices that I thought I could draw from.

Though, now I’m reconsidering my decision. I didn’t learn about hermeticism until I was an in college, and it still took me a while to see the value in it. Ceremonial magick, to me, is like the classical music you learn in school if you want to be a musician. You learn from the past orthodoxies so you can branch out. Though, I don’t think I, as a teenager, would have the patience for that.

I feel now that, given his age and situation, Satanism may be more appropriate. It carries an emotional element I think would vibe with how he feels.

I’m asking for opinions. Should he be a Satanist or hermeticist.

I think he should have a better reason for hating what’s for him a concept (at least at the start) than “I’ve a mental health issue”.

If you need a reason for him, I think it is better to just skip all the boring parts and go for something with more substance, like Damien seeing something paranormal.

Do not be afraid of taking liberties. You’re writing fiction, not a grimoire. Good magick not necesirely will make for a good story.


I am a domain expert in this because I have been diagnosed autistic.

Sounds familiar, except I turned to politics first, and it was a waste of my time. Right now I blame psychiatric institutions and I think the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders is worse than other divination systems on philosophical grounds.

Sounds like someone who would like the Thoth-Hermes Podcast.

School was largely a waste of my time. If I was focused on getting to the point instead of beating around the bush so people can use me for a payday, I would be much better off.


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I’m autistic myself, so

High functioning autism is not an official diagnosis. These days, people would just say that he’s autistic or has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).

I could see this happening if he grew up in a household where both of his parents were Christian, but if he didn’t, this would seem out of place. Even then, I think it would be more realistic if he just got into the occult because it’s one of his obsessions. I end up obsessing over things if I develop an interest in them, not because I’m rebelling against a higher power.

Another thing is that while there are a lot of struggles that come with autism, a lot of it comes their environment. Does/did Damien have supportive parents or did they ignore his needs/enable his behavior? What about his adoptive family? Did his school provide accommodations (if his parents reached out to them)? How are his peers? The less toxic/enabling it is, the more an autistic person seems to thrive in my experience.

If you feel he would fit better as a Satanist, then go for it.


I have not yet defined his parents or home life.

And as for “obsessions”, I was originally obsessed with mythology in middle school. I then found occultism the summer before ninth grade. Frankly, I believe it to be a natural course. At first you fall in love with these old myths and legends, then you try to find some truth to them.

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I like that comparison of hermetics to classical or symphonic music; ceremonial magick in general feels that way to me.
If he has Thoth as a patron it makes sense for him to be a “classical music” magician. Thoth is a deity of mathematics, science, knowledge, logic. As an autistic character he may be more high functioning, like aspergers (which my father has btw). Aspergers people tend to be very logical to a fault and have difficulty comprehending emotions. It makes them very good at things like math, science, logic… it makes them a lot like Thoth. Writing advice aside, that’s legit what a lot of people dont understand about working with deities; you need to find the connection between you and them, the link you can be friends because of. So if hes an autistic kid who’s got a skill buff on the logic and reasoning side of things then it actually works out perfectly from a storyline standpoint. Take into consideration that just because you couldn’t handle it as a teenager doesnt mean the character couldn’t. If hes a logical type who loves math and science it would be a walk in the park to learn Hermetics. But on the other hand, keep in mind that if you cant fully relate to and sort of… become, the characters you create for your stories your stories will be obviously disingenuous and come off quite choppy.

If hes not logical though, and his autism makes him more emotional and he has more difficulty with logic and reasoning, then yeah Hermetics and Thoth would be working against the grain at best. At worst it would knock him on his ass, which could also be a neat plot development.

Satanism on the other hand is very emotional, or at least it’s an integral part of it. The way I define the core principle of Satanism is-
“If you become the embodiment of pain and suffering, while being able to tolerate and be empowered by it, you become immune to Hell, because you ARE Hell.”
To know the pleasures of the flesh in full, one must know the pains of the flesh in full.

It’s a dangerous game to play even for people who aren’t autistic and potentially less able to control and understand their emotions. Every autistic person is different though so its your call.

I tend to bad with math or science. So, Thoth wouldn’t be the best for me. I’m more of the creative type with some philosophical and socially analytical tendencies. So, I feel closer to Odin.

Satanism is the Best religion for freedom, power, Sex, individuality. But ordo templi orientis too in spite of the darkness dressed in a light facette. Excellent choice!

Damien’s goal is to open the astral gates and go to another world.

Which world?

I believe that many of our classic fantasy creatures exist in different mythologies from around the world in different forms and varieties. I can’t see this as a coincidence. So I believe that they have at one point existed in one form or another. But for some reason, Some how, they left.

I employ this belief in my fantasy universe I call Dark Magi. In it, I call their world Tir Na Nog after the Celtic “Otherworld.” Opposite our human world that I call Midgard. So, it’s not so much that these fantasy creatures have left entirely. They just don’t come to our world in the open. Instead, some humans learn magic to go to them. They’re called witchblooded. This is where Damien wants to go.

Why? I don’t know about anyone else on here on the spectrum, but for me autism has always made me feel out of place. Pretty much alien basically. Worse, many of my attempts to be a part of this world has left me inadvertently making people feel uncomfortable, and facing punishment from authority figures because of it. This is where my anxiety comes from. So, it feels like I was brought to this world to be punished. So, obviously, one who feels this way would want to go to another world.