I have a way to get Money fast

I need some cash fast, i own 2 domain names for websites and have put them up for sale on a site for buying and selling domains, is there a ritual i could so to speed up the process of the sale or a ritual to find someone Who wants to buy them?


You’re not very good at embedding suggestions…


Sorry My english is not that good

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You may ask help from King Paimon or from Duchess Bune. Clauneck may help too.

Search the forum please, you’ll find more information about them and how you could successfully perform sigil magick.

Also I may recommend some books:

  • Kingdom of Flame by EA ( a very good book where you may find other sprits that may help with finance, love; almost about any subject that matters) ,
  • Gallery of Magick books; especially Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand
  • Jason Miller’s Financial sorcery, and
  • Kyballion .

Good luck :slight_smile: