I have a very important question

i’ve followed religions and mythos my entire life and am agnostic.

that said, i think it very possibly real… but i have a major concern.

i am a 37 year old mand and have Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Mentally i am as strong as about anyone and have the most tenacity of anybody i know. to simply eat takes excessive energy… so, in a nutshell, i’m the strongest person i know mentally and have unlimited willpower. the other side of the coin, however, is i can’t even feed myself and get sick easily.

i am seriously thinking on practicing and learning low key evocation. the rub, though, is how the fuck can i do rituals without arm mobility and poor health?

thanks for any info.

Rituals don’t necessarily have to be physical movements. It could be a series of words, phrases or commands you repeat in order. Any of the little things you can do can be worked into your rituals. Even if it’s just turning your head to look at something with ritual significance.

You don’t have to do it the same as everyone else. In fact, it will probably prove more effective if your rituals are all self invented.

Easily - you can use visualisation, you can do a lot of soul-travel, where your phsyical limitations are meaningless, you can create an astral temple if you want to observe the formalities of things like the LBRP and perform them there in your astral form, there are no limits.

I sometimes wish soul travel were taught to people who have “locked in syndrome,” because it’s the best liberation from the physical, it opens worlds upon worlds… and very strong will and focus are the main things needed to succeed.

Let me know if you want me to PM you a tutorial in some very basic methods, I learned them studying core shamanism and they’ll give you a place to begin and see if you like it all - and please check your Messages tab above as well, thanks! :slight_smile:

Properly-performed magic is better than incompetent magic. That much should be obvious. Thus, if you become adept at astral magical forms, you would be far better-equipped than even those who are reasonably competent at physical magic.

Neither is better than the other, necessarily, but those who believe that physical magic is superior, and yet are simply mediocre magicians would find themselves outclasses by those who have become proficient at astral (and other non-physical) approaches to magic.

After all, we’re not our bodies, nor our brains, and should not feel limited by them in any way.