I Have a Question

I have a question. I looked at my leg yesterday and what seemed to be a bite I assumed was just a mosquito bite. So I just brushed it off. Well this morning I say a little while ago and i look at it this morning and it looks like two puncture wounds. like right next to each other like little fang marks or something similar to that. I never felt anything crawling on me and it is in two different spots one is on the side of my knee on the right side and the other bite mark is behind the knee on the left side anyone have any idea what this could be please give some input thank you.

most likely bedbugs or some other insect

Oh we do not have bed bugs. But some other insect could me possible. Just don’t know what could have left two puncture wounds right next to each other perfectly like that i am still looking online but nothing seems to pop out at me. but I will keep looking.

And thank you as well
Blessed Be!

Hahaha this happened to me last year.

Me too.

I woke up around 1 AM, to go do perform an occult operation. It’s concerning Ceremonial Magic, where one make use of the right Art to call forth the Spirit. And as I stepped out I felt something like a itch and when I looked down to see what bite me, I see nothing. It was later i saw what looked like two puncture wounds.

Till today I didn’t bother to look for an answer to it. Why?

Cuz there was this demom who said I should work with him but i turn him down, and choose an angel instead. He broke down my PC, i couldn’t repair even though it’s my profession. And he said if only I accept him, he would help me repair my PC, and that no device soever would be hard for me to handle, build and repair, and he would make me greater than Microsoft.

I busted into laughter. I ignored him.

So it was the second i was going to call the angel I choose over him…my conclusion was, ‘Oh, he did that to stop me from calling another spirit, well this won’t stop me’.

So I never cared to look for an answer to how I got two puncture wounds in an instant, with no bite from no insect or anything.

okay that explains a lot actually. I will just ignore it and take it as something trying to get my attention from my task at hand. Could it be that i joined a group and something from one of the members might have decided to try and sway me from my path of Wiccan ?

Oh I don’t think so.

okay i was just curious is all

It’s a bug bite, that happens all the time. Not really “Magical”. If it’s an issue see a doctor, do some house cleaning and if it’s bed bugs get a new mattress.


okay and thank you for responding i will look into it.

Could be a spider bite.

I looked it up and the spider bites usually do not show up as fang bites seeing as they are so small they look like one bite mark not the two but i will still look into it. I am thankful for your response.

Blessed Be!