I have a question for anyone who can answer

… I am a musician and i listen to all sorts of music but, since last year i started to become fixed in these two tracks that i got on some website and… i keep on listening them again and again and they really make me go into a state that i used to go sometimes, when alone in some place surround with nature…but with these tracks, these songs…it goes into something much deeper. I have never listened to anything like it and i didn’t really like this sort of music but now its like i love it. Its MDB Beautiful voices cd with Azam Ali and another with Lisa Gerrard, both special editions of the the collection. I get to listen to them at least 5 days out of 7 in a week and everytime i do, i enter this state. Could it be a message ?
Just because i really never thought i would listen to something like this and since i made a ritual and i summoned this spirit i actually started searching for songs like these and ended up with these two cds which i keep listening all the time…there is a thing to it, they both have this " jew " connection or so i think it is jew, but i am not a jew. Even if not jew the women in those cds sing in a language that comes from their region…and i think that there is where the message is…how could i find out if it really means anything ?

I’m consistently lead to various songs and bands that lead me to whole new schools of thought and perspectives, as well as musical techniques. I’ve had many “missing pieces” found in music I would have never considered listening to casually. So, is it significant to you and your life? Well, only you can really say. More often than not if you’re consistently drawn to something, its for a good reason. Perhaps its time to start studying Hebrew magic.

If i am not in mistake, the sumerians were kind of the base for the hebrew no ? At least partially…maybe im wrong i dont know.

You need to listen to Angus mcfife by gloryhammer

Female singer ? If not…forget it :wink:

Blasphemy. No one wants to hear a woman song

GLORYHAMMER - Angus McFife | Napalm Records

Napalm Records ? So this one is for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Mata-Ratos - Napalm na Rua Sesamo

And to be honest…i can only relax listening to calm songs, if it is a woman singing…i don’t like the male voice as an instrument, i do but it is quite rare and it must be quite unique…some classic voices known to everyone…but that’s about it. Still, i am quite attached to those two cds… it just feels so powerful.
My bet is that the language in which they sing on those MDB cds is from the same region as sumeria and akkadia.

To reach altered states of consciousnes by now ONA audios and chants, the earth gate works wonderful

Also sitar melodies. I guess the vibration of these melodies stimulate some brain areas

 Another teacher I've learned some great-value pieces from uses the term "keys" 
 (no reference to a musical key in this use- although that may be neat, as in below, but in this no intended reference to "music key" but as in Key for a lock.  As as follows Keys can be found that are Not in Music)  

    ~certain keys can be caught in moments.. or a place.. but best of all is within a song/piece of music...     and the aspect of the metaphor of keys is that:
   Keys unlock things.. the value of the key isn't itself, nor opening the door (in this metaphor- its not about a place to be, but a storage locker, etc.) = thus its about what is revealed inside.   (what is unlocked/avail?)

  Inside the Vault is found a piece and once you've unlocked-accessed- and then -integrate it.. it should ReVeal something  (like a puzzle piece, not even a completed puzzle, still missing many pieces, but before XYZ piece  you weren't sure what the "picture" is going to look like After the Puzzle is complete... and with that one more piece you go AHA 

-so you're still not "sure" but you feel you discovered something more..  as a result of integrating into your system (ie not to "Figure it out" just plug in this "freq-tone" and the new-whole of your system outputs..)

(What is now Possible that wasn't b4?)

 Another part of keys, is that a key fits a certain lock.. so not only is its value in opening up (to access something inside).. although a Pretty-Key is nice.. but usually not seen as Sculpture...  but it doens't just open, but only certain locks..
So a key for One Person, may not be for another   [these type of "keys" can actually unlock more than one person.. or even different parts for different people.]   custom design a key- "pick" the lock. open mind

     In short- that I think could be related... both as the use of that (also as a principle-concept)

I hope that gives something.. not sure how clear that was :)

In all the years Ive been a musician, Ive never thought to take it literally when someone asks, "what key are we using for this song?"
Definitely an “AHA!” moment, taokua, thank you!

great to hear, thx…

and thx to you TheLotusEater, I thought of music being a key, but I didn’t connect it to the Key in the Music (harmonics in the notes, selection of Key of C or Key of D… thus being in a certain Note, as a “note” (as in short msg, or at least a primary note reps the key) in the key… I hadn’t connected that well, although it does fit, as a “Key” does have “freq-tone” type of sense to it (and reaching into a “shift”- awkward phrase but that other speaker used- and “in” that shift- find a “HiddenKey”… feel for it, which is partly listening for it…)

Although- Someone could read this is just think it is about a certain feeling, or yeah music, vs how it works as a Tool of develop… (and why like a prescription- certain certain time and place… and thus look for them to unlock and open).

anyway- interesting aspect (other parts of the ex are different from this- ie key to open up and access- and thus Unfold more of the pattern- so See more)… but this shows another Door in the Corridor. cheers

Certain keys in music definitely give/unlock a certain mood or emotion to piece.

I always think of Spinal Tap: D minor is the saddest of all keys.

First, hypnotic trance is produced when your brain latches on to a rhythm playing eighth notes at 135 bpm.

Second modes, not keys produce different moods. Listen to the tension and release in the melodic phrasing in a mode, for example play Bmi phrydgian and note the difference between that and G major. Its the same fucking notes, in the same sequence, but due to the change in the starting note the mode and the mood changes. Now look at a fully diminished scale and compare the sound to a whole tone scale.

Also you can play with harmonies, voicing Bbmi7 followed by Dbmaj7 is really hip. Also sus7 chords produce a very entrancing effect.

Oh and Sunas, if your inner voice is telling you there is more to a song than what’s on the surface you’re probably right. Well maybe not in your case sense you’re posessed by a demoness or something, but for most people yes.

thankz taokua… that actually made a lot of sense to me! i would comment…but…i think i will keep it to myself as i know it will lead to a lot of writing that people will simply disagree…its bad saying this because it actually makes a lot of sense and it regards things that not only have to do with me, but with mankind, with humans and our existence, our creation and the universe. Because once i know who i really am, i know why i am where i am and why things are the way they are. I also know my past and what relates to it, everything that made me be here now on this precise moment. Coming from I think… THousands of years.