I have a question about shapeshifting/werewolfs

Is there a way to become a shapeshifter? Like create such a spell using blood and such to become a shapeshifter. Like in its own way a blood curse?


There is no spell that will bippity boppity boo you into a shapeshifter, just as reading a piece of poetry to the moon goddess Selene won’t make you a vampire.

Shapeshifting is generally an astral phenomenon and can be accomplished through energy manipulation. I have yet to see any actual verifiable evidence of physical shapeshifting, but if it were possible, then it would require far more than a simple blood spell.


Do you know anyway that I could? Ik it sounds stupid or childish but I would do anything to do this. I’d even curse myself and such


Shapeshifting is one of those super powers that some people believe in whole - heartedly but for which there is no actual evidence for.

If you want to fool around with the idea though, seek out a book called The Shifter’s Bible. It supposedly shows you how, though I can’t vouch for its efficacy.


Oki thank you so much

this book comes out in September it might answer some of your questions.

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Yeah you’d have to transform your spirit into a werewolf

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@Morning-Star here is the books you’re looking for https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/william_wraithe76 I’ve met one person who has the shifters bible, as far as im concerned its not instantaneous and is a lot of consistent hard effort. i haven’t heard from them in a year so I have no idea if they aren’t them anymore. If you have the 200.00 bones then get it and be a werewolf or start living like a feral animal, look into feral children to get an idea :wink:.

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Astral and Soul level shifting is possible. I’ve heard that physical shape-shifting is possible but never seen it myself. Imo it will take many, many years to learn such a skill safely.

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