I have a problem

I am obsessed with buying books online. I buy one Like each week And then take steps to hide it from my family.

I’ve posted a rant about my family’s move. And because of that move I cannot get a job. Who’s gonna hire someone who’ll be leaving the state in a few weeks?

I believe my problem stems from severe boredom and claustrophobia. I feel trapped in my house and my freedom is restricted. So I feel like I’m trying to fill a void.

I’m not asking for help. I just think it’s funny. I mean other people are addicted to alcohol drugs or porn and I’m just getting reading material


Sounds like a tad of a crutch for some reading packed agoraphobia. Not to judge.

Maybe the shopping is an outlet for you, and you’re using it as a coping mechanism to deal with what’s going on in your life right now.

Maybe if you set yourself a hardcore pathworking that would help?

People collect things for areas where they feel like they have a lack, not in a bad way (lots of people who have experienced hunger hoard food, that’s not them being dumb) so maybe you feel like there is magick pent up and not getting expressed, or like you are not getting your fair share of the powers? :thinking:

Doing a pathworking that feels like WORK may scratch that itch while you’re in housemoving limbo and mean you come out the other side feeling like you got a notch on your belt. :smiley:

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Do you actually read what you buy?

When I was in college, and a lot of the time going for days without food, I often found myself spending any money i did manage to get on books instead of groceries. I asked one of my psych profs about it, and her response was that “the soul needs food too.” I’m a natural bibliophile, and reading has always been a big love of mine, so buying books for me was both an escape from the every day humdrum, and something that nourished my inner self.


Buy ebooks if can. Fast easy. But i gess u need another phone. And 32 gigabits. Or buy good books on print. But stick whit ebooka such thw one here of koetying. I use yyo Buy a lot. I own over 1000s books and print sme ebooks. Not room.

I’m a book freak too. But you don’t always know if the book is going to hold your interest until you have it. And I’m all over the place. I want to read and learn about everything all at once.

Like now im going through a plant phase where I want to know everything about them but I also seem to be going through the dark night of the soul. And want to do darker works.

So idk. I guess what Im saying is i have the same problem :joy:


Actually there’s a subscription site called scribd I can use. However these are books on magick. And I prefer physical copies I can place upon my altar.


I hear you on the physical copy thing, it took me years and not having a home to value ebooks like I did a real book. Scribd isn’t as good as it used to be, though it tends to have a few things kindle unlimited doesn’t, you might consider getting kindle unlimited to cover some of your other book needs.

Now that I’m into the ebook thing, I’m kinda of glad, it’s much easier to return a book that I bought that wasn’t worth my time to amazon, or if I got it on kindle unlimited at least it didn’t cost me anything.

I now have a home of my own and could get away with books, and plan to purchase at least one physical book in the upcoming weeks that I’m drawn too, but come the second week of December I will be stowing my stuff away from my children’s prying eyes again.

In the last I always put everything I had for magic into an old leather trunk thst was my moms, now that has been left behind too, so I’ve saved a couple of boxes from moving- the box my new dishes came in, etc so that when they are tucked away nearly at the top of my closet my 14 yr old daughter won’t be curious about what’s inside, she’ll assume she not only can’t reach it because mom can’t, but that it’s an empty box mom saved just in case.

Right now I’m tossing it all into a flat box from the bottom of my Seagrams 24 pack and shoving it under my bed when I have company, but my daughter is nosy, so I know that won’t cut it long term. My son would think it was all cool and would want to watch and learn but now is not the time in my life to have those discussions with either child lol.

My point was, there are other options so you don’t have to hide things so hard, and maybe at least reading the books online or in ebook version could cut down on how many you buy.

And I get the buying books over things you need thing. I’ve not really done it specifically with books, but I’ve bought things I didn’t need that boosted my mood instead of things I actually needed when money was tight- more times than I can count in my 34 years.

A good use for Scribd is to check out the books, leafing through them, picking from them what you need, everything for the same suscription price

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