I have a problem with parasites

So i see a visions really painfull for my mind before my eyes i see visions and i hear voices like think of this bitch, or let us is (begging tone)

I can like push the parasites out i feel like some pressure on my sides two but when im doing it i feel like something is going on by back like you know it want to miss the push and its going behind my back its an attachment and i did a reverse LRBP but it didnt work when i dont think i somethimes dont get visions but when i will think of pink elephant i see visions
And i felt pressure on my mind my head like someone is trying to push something into my mind

Is it process of being possessed ? I started to shrink my body but only when i see the visions
Beacuse i want to focuse my body cuz when the vision is in front my eyes then im like getting deeper into the vision i like a puling me into the image

I tryed to ask demons for help but it dont work so what can i do also i dont want to ask Angels


It just sounds like you’re sensitive and can sense these things, the astral is a busy place and full of these little native nasties.

It’s not enough to just push them away, they just come back. Look up the parasites and spiritual hygiene tutorial collections for free methods to get rid of them. (Search at top right)

You want to ward your home and shield yourself so they can’t come close. Think of it as like a fence: good fences make good neighbors.

And for the ones currently too close, banish them to outside the fence.

If some are stubborn you will have to go pest exterminator on them and attack them, which is also talked about in the parasites threads. Do not bother with other entities, it’s important you are seen in the astral as a being who can take care of himself and not to be messed with.


So i was attacking them back with mantra from satania to drain their energy but after that they was more acitive one day no visions not much

Do you know any more solutions of how to attack them back ?

Create a energy form that actively attacks them and let that do the work

So i was visualiseing an feeling that in my belly is something moveing and going up in my throat and black sludgy like creature with spikes coming out from my throat and i have puted an intention into it i was feeling it how it moveing at my body at inwqs visualiseing how it attacks them but still i had visions

I stated show yourself one time sometime ago i saw a baby head, old man without eyes black little wholes but not skeleton eyes but like normal opened eyes but black wholes with smile and mans tweet flat cap

I was useing sage and nothing, sage with tea sage still nothing Sage with piss on it nothing.

But this helped me a little but i had to focus on the sounds then no visions

There was a time like i was very drained from energy beacuse of fightig when i saw vision i was thinking and visualising something else like fighting back but its very hard somethimes