I have a problem with a mantra

So not too long ago i used a mantra that goes
and when you chant this mantra you are saluting
Shive the destroyer of evil.
And it also is said that when you chant this mantra shiva blesses you which is not what i want.
But the only reason i used this mantra was because it helps to open the third eye.
And at yesterday night i evoked belial for the first time and i was wondering if he will ignore me if i am blessed by shiva. Because i really like Belial alot and i also love lucifer. Im just worried that they will ignore me because it is said that shiva blesses you when you chant this mantra.
But i do know that shiva is another aspect of lucifer.
But pls answer cause I’m a bit worried.

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It’z Ra Cha Belial
Belials Enn.
Chant with the intention of opening the third eye.

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa icar Lucifer
Lucifers Enn
Chant with the intention of opening the third eye.

Do what you feel is best and that which does not create doubt. If you are comfortable chanting Shivers Mantra and not having doubt about upsetting Belial, then do so.

I think he will not mind. You can ask those you work with for help in that area of opening your third eye.

Some people have had success with E.A.s Bluray Meditation.

You can also use visualization to open and use that muscle which is the third eye. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Visualise a being you work with.
See them place there hand in front of you and shoot a beam of light or darkness straight through your head.
Right between the eyes.
Feel it.
Keep practicing.
You may find your eyes turn inwards
A tingling in between the eyes.
Eventually you will start seeing more things.

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Ok thanks but wich enn is best to use for belial
Is it
Lirach Tasa Vefa Welhc belial
Itz ra cha Belial
Or can i use both of them?

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You can use both.

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Ok thanks

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Ask Belial to help open your third eye if your using his chant.
Know that his heard you if you can’t hear him or communicate properly.
If the feelings get to intense ground yourself afterwards.

Walking around barefooted on the earth.
Patting the body with your hands.
Stomping the feet.
Visualising roots coming out of your feet into the earth and the Energy traveling down your body into the earth.

From my understanding, a god/goddess blessing you will not drive other entities away (unless driving other entities is the blessing). A pact, connection, devotion, etc., with a god/goddess may make other entities wary about working with you. So, in short, you have nothing to worry about.

Be grateful for Shiva’s blessings. He’s powerful, and you don’t want to piss him off.

But feel free to work with anyone you want.

Sometimes, you have to envy those that believe all spirits are just projections of the mind, because they don’t have to worry about things like this, right?

Well i am a bit torn about that point of view but don’t you think that those people still have to find ways to comminucate with the different parts of the mind in a meaninful way? Otherwise it is just talking to yourself without a direction.

Right, but I mean about pissing off this entity, and not doing something because that entity might get upset, etc…that doubt is quite disempowering.

I most certainly dont want to piss shiva off
Because I actually see shiva as quite fascinating actually and a very interesting god.
I dont want to piss any higher spirit off
I always show respect when i contact spirits
But the thing is that right now i only want to work with lucifer and belial and i hope thats ok.

Now imagine pissing of a part of your mind. That part now works against you. Have fun with that.:laughing:

Well but in a serious manner: I think that is not how it works. If you imagine this beings to be parts of your mind they still have some power at least over you as they are part of you. Not properly working with your own mind might just backfire.

But back to the topic: @DankGod chanting the mantra of a spirit you actually want to work with might be better. I e.g. won’t use those @SHaDoWSToRM696 mentioned because I am not drawn to Belial or Lucifer that much currently. I would try with Hecate or Cernunos though so just search for one you want to work with.

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Well, if you buy into the often ridiculous New Age idea of some spirits being masks of other spirits, there are some on this forum that say Shiva is Lucifer so… :man_shrugging:

Yes but do you think belial would mind if i was blessed by shiva

No., I don’t think Belial would care. I don’t think he would even care if you were blessed by Yahweh.

You have to remember that there are many ways to approach gods and demons. If Belial can work with Christians, who think he is the epitome of damnation, he can work with a devotee of Shiva.

As long as you don’t set them against each other by trying to command Belial in the name of Shiva, you are fine.

When it comes to the Hindu pantheon, the only deity that I could see causing potential problems with Belial, is Kali, because in her mythology she is a demon slayer.

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Ok thank you for letting me know!