I hate posting this shit

Alright, so I hate posting this kind of shit, but I’m going to post it just because I really need answers for this. Just to keep this from getting grossly mushy and shit, I’ll say it without any further speculation or confusion being induced on your poor souls: I deeply desire to be a girl.

Alright, I know, I know, “that’s bullshit” and “were you botn that way”, but in all seriousness, I have good reason for this. I’ve felt this way my entire life, and Artemis calling me to be one of her maidens just verified that. Alright, onward.

Anyway, I have two, maybe three questions to ask:

One, what glamour magick exists to make me appear and help me act more effeminate? I really, really need this to use to fill the next two months.

Next, if you have fashion tips, post the fuck out of those. Yes, I know that’s not magick, but I don’t have many other places to ask.

Finally, any resources on gender shifting magick that you could post would be very helpful and I would be very grateful if you post them.


You could talk to Aphrodite, I can tell she has a lot to say about this. Maybe she could be of help.

And when you say you want to be a girl? Do you mean this physically? Like a gender change if not then you could learn how to shape shift astrally and amplify your natural feminine energies.



I’m going to message you a Meditation! :slight_smile:

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In every way, so physically, too, but naturally.

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Thx :slight_smile:

Wow! You just posting this must make you feel good. Good job!

I’m sure you’ll get the help you seek.

Balancing out your testosterone for more estrogen would help (duh, i know … dumb guy here).

Just looked up estrogen releasing meditation … and of course there are hits. Something about binaural beats. I understand the beats, but whether or not it can actually affect your levels, I don’t know.

Keeping testosterone down could be as easy as ‘taking care of yourself’ if you know what I mean, in the morning, so that the levels stay low all day.

Spiritually, invoking, entering a pact or emulating a female goddess, or even an actress you want to model yourself on should do wonders! Invocation should do it. Hardcore invocation and obsessing over any aspect of your chosen role model.

Me, I would go for more a Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock as the guy I would emulate hehe.


Lol sounds awesome. For your suggestion on ‘taking care of’ myself, I’m already on that path. I use that tp get rid of any any obstacles that might get in the way of the spirits I already summoned for this purpose. Invoking, entering a pact, and emulating a goddess sounds awesome, and I’ll definitely start with Mother Artemis. I’ll get on that meditation, too. Thx so much!I


Good luck darling.


Maybe looks for a balance Hmm maybe try looking into the Amazon’s, as they were female warriors much like Artemis that defied “traditional” idea of femininity. Also Aluriel Suggested Aphrodite as she’s the more traditional idea of feminity, So by looking at both that way you get a balance of both types and will be able to create an intermedeary between the two!


Well most people forget Aphrodite has a warlike aspect as well that can be quite ferocious if it comes to that. Remember that she was imported into the Greek pantheon and the Greeks didn’t want to recognize that powerful feminine part of her.

For the Greeks, the idea of female warriors was simply unthinkable.

But don’t forget the roots from which she comes, she does indeed appeal to the traditional view of beauty but that’s not all there is to her



How does one even feel a certain gender or another? I can’t say I have noticed any huge differences between how men and women behave. Both are born with the potential to develop any personality traits.

It comes down to two things, really: social interactions and interpersonal relations. One-on-one, a girl will generally take a more submissive or equal stance in their friendships, relationships, and interactions. In social settings, girls are taught from a young age to please others and not be offensive. Guys generally try to dominate literally every fucking thing. It’s not even as easy as being an exception to these generalizations, sometimes, either. Sometimes being an exception isn’t enough.

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Maybe it is a bit harder for me to understand because I don’t really believe in generalizations.

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Good luck to you, although some may see transgender and perhaps even homosexuality as a disorder, it has been scientifically proven to hold evolutionary benefits for the species. This is why it happens in almost all natural species on the planet and why it continues to persist in nature as well as humanity. If there was no benefits to the species it wouldn’t exist. It would have adapted and evolved out of the genetic code long ago. Some subjects are approached from an ethical or moral perspective when they should be approached by a scientific perspective. Just my take on it.


Always feel and know that BALG FORUM never judges :muscle::black_heart::smiling_imp:


Can I ask we you really want to be a female? And how old ate u btw

Me? Uh. Quite happy with my penis and am in my forties. Thanks! Hehe. I think you meant this for the OP.


@vladzz … I have a friend who wants a sex change to be female, and he mentioned to me a few things which makes a person to be more feminine looking… The same things which makes this one woman in my hood the queen hottie … Cause frankly, she’s hot as hell, and most other women are average looking at best:

  1. High cheekbones
  2. Puffy lips
  3. Wide open eyes
  4. Lower and higher teeth visible in a smile.

That’s about all I can recall ATM … But … Breasts, hips, booty, those will have to be adjusted.

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Yes sorry

I don’t want to be a female. I am one.