I had weird dream

I had a dream of a guy who had sleeved tattoos on both of his arms while washing the dishes through the window that’s next door to my house. It was very strange because I couldn’t see his face but his tattooed arms and he was covered in this dark aura but he didn’t seem evil or had any bad intentions. :thinking: I noticed he also had very tanned skinned. Plus I waved at him and he waved back. :joy: His hands looked normal they didn’t appear like claws. Plus I was at my old house that I use to live in (it was set in my dining room). It was weird because I had the urge to climb over the wall in my back garden, (I went through the dining room window to access into the garden, usually I would use the door not the window).
I don’t know who this guy is? I’m very curious but nervous to know about him.

He is a powerful dark spirit.

He came to do some good. (Washing dirty dishes)

This is where I got confused…could it be that the person living the next door to your house is into something spiritual or maybe the person has a spirit helping him/her.

So how did you get in? Your spirit, in your subconscious state (sleep), by chance saw that spirit…nothing serious 'bout it. But it hid himself that’s you couldn’t see his face.

The arms and tatoo symbolises that he is a powerful dark spirit, it doesn’t mean a demon.

He came to do good.

Your spirit greets him and he respond.

That’s how much I can translate these.


through the window that’s next door to my house. No this means that I could see my neighbours window from the backgarden. I hope this makes sense.

Did the tattoos seem to have any theme to them? Could you make out what one of them was?

No they were just plain old sleeved tattoos on both of his arms.