I had very strange dream! Was it a dream?

The other night I tried summoning Sitri… Once that was done I went to bed… Meditated to lucifers sigil on my mind, fell asleep.
Around 3am, I woke up with urge to use the bathroom, and I am not sure if I was thinking it or something was saying it in my head and wanted me to repeat the words… “I consent, you can come in my body” ( something similar), I was about to repeat those words when I remember that demons cant posse you without your consent, and I woke up/ or came out of it, there was a face of a demon really close to my face ( like samurai jack’s enemy, moving his lips but no sounds… I was not scared, the only thing that I said was, I demand to know your name, in the name of lucifer, I demand your name… the funniest thing was that it was pitch dark in my room but every time i blinked or with my eyes closed… I would see a symbols, like the mayan writing, the pyramid or dingbat fonts. I am not an expert, I don’t have any clairesenses or anything of that sort and I didn’t know what to do so the only thing I said was, If you are not malicious, tell me who you are and what you want otherwise, I will contact lucifer after this , I will do a banishing and then call murmur if you don’t tell me who you are. Everything went back to normal after that. Anyone can tell what I experience? Is my 3eye opening?

Are you keeping a dream journal?

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No, I usually never have strange dreams, I normally have boring dreams😂. The funny thing is that I wasn’t sleep. I was fully awake

Well, where your senses aren’t developed, it’s the easiest way to receive communication. It’s where I get mine most of the time. Journaling lets entities know you’re paying attention there.


Okay, yeah, I love demons as much as the next person here, but man oh man, seriously letting demons possess you without constraints, um, to say this is not a good idea is an understatement. Don’t buy into bullshit they might say like “perfect love and perfect trust” I mean, they have all kinds of tricks and “personal agendas” that may not mesh well with yours. Its bad enough having to evoke, or even invoke them, but please people, seriously think hard about this. (and yeah, it can be very tempting to allow it when emotions are running in over drive, but it would be much better to evoke a demon to help you manage your emotions than to do that.)

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