I had to stop doing angel love spells. Only working with demons regarding love spells now

Hello. I just wanted to start a general discussion. So, I wasted years of my life casting angel love spells. First off, I am NOT trying to talk NEGATIVE about angels. They are powerful, and I still work with them for other matters. I just wanted to share my experience and see if others relate. There is SO MUCH to this story, but I’m going to try to keep it simple and just highlight the main facts.

-Like stated, I wasted YEARS of my life doing love spells with angels. My first time trying out magick was angel love spells, it proved to be magick is real. Specifically I used the love spell from Gallery of Magick’s Magical Seduction book. Damon Brand states in the book that the spell may affect you just as much.

Here’s the problem. I’m a woman, and an emotional one at that, I’m HIGHLY sensitive. I would do these love spells and yes I would get an affect, but the spell would seem to hit me like 50 TIMES HARDER than it hit the guy. And let me say, although I am sensitive, I am SLOW to fall in love and I get turned off easily, however these spells made me obsessed. Think about him constantly. No matter what the guy did I still wanted him. I absolutely wanted no one else, felt like we were meant to be together. Got insanely, crazy jealous when another girl was mentioned. Overall it was a disaster and to be honest, I wasted a good portion of 5 years of my life until last week I decided I quit. Every time I meet someone new and do the spell it’s the same result. I literally feel ACHINGLY pain in my chest and depression because of my longing for the male, while he only seems mildly affected. And before it’s mentioned, it has nothing to do with looks. I’m beautiful, skinny, have a good body. Another thing with that spell is it made the guy seemingly obsessed with sex with me, which is great, but there was a lack of wanting more.

Anyway, I made the executive decision last week that I quit doing angel love spells. It truly does more harm than good for me personally. I also become obsessed, which then leads to me feeling depressed and IMO adding resistance to the equation because when you want someone so bad and don’t let go it’s hard for it to manifest.

I spent years of my life obsessed with certain men who were no good for me. I’m still obsessed to this day that I do occasional demon break up spells on him & the new women he is with, because the thought of him with someone else while I wasted 5 years of my life on him still makes me LIVID with anger, and the only way I know how to get rid of the anger is by doing magick.

I would have switched to just doing demon love spells earlier in life if I had started working with demons earlier. I’ve been doing magick about 5 years. Didn’t start working with demons till about 2-3 years in. At this point I’m extremely, extremely comfortable with demons, and I feel like I relate to them more on certain levels. Here’s the thing that made me want to switch. Damon Brand mentions in the Demons of Magick book the difference between angels and demons. He says that angels usually work within us and affect us deeply to then affect the change around us. While demons primarily work on influencing other people and situations around us to bring this change. Well the choice seems obvious. Wouldn’t I want the TARGET to be affected most, rather than putting the pain on me?

Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts on this and what specific angels/demons you use. Thanks!


Angels were never my go to for any spells in general, largely because their descriptions almost always involve stipulations about things needing to be “fair” of “pure intent”. I’m sorry, but when life is ready to push me around, it doesn’t care about fairness to me. So when i act upon life, i’m not concerned about being fair to it. So demons have always been the spirits in my corner outside of healing. I wasn’t really aware that angels in the field of love magick work on the caster in this way, but I don’t blame you for your decision. I’d only work with an angel in this way if it was to strengthen an already strong relationship with my partner. Angels are good for getting you what you need. Demons are good for getting you what you want.

As for what demons I use for stuff like this, ladilok is my girl


@Love8888 i can relate to what you’re saying. I mostly work with demons and they have been good to me. There was a point in my life that I was trying to get close to Jesus Christ and it just was not working out for me results wise. Recently I did a few spells on a love interest most were not demonic but like you I find myself thinking about the guy a lot. Meanwhile, I am not sure how much he is thinking about me. I will chalk up my thoughts to just me being me, if in a few weeks there isn’t any sign of life then i’ll do a cord cutting and move on. I am sorry that after 5 years you aren’t where you want to be romantically but try to be semi-detached in some of these relationships it’s never good to be exerting more energy than the other person.

So far I have used Rossier the last spell I did with him the candle melted into a heart which I thought was a very good sign. I also used Lotir from Kingdoms of Flame with a couple figure candle and had something interesting happen the candle got caught in the list of characteristics im looking for in a man causing the candle to burn out very quickly which it was burning out the face of a wolf could be seen and other activity could be seen too. Also today I bought a Baal Kadmon mantra book and started doing a daily mantra for a husband. I am exerting a lot of pressure on my love life now and really hoping to see some results. Sometimes though it takes a lot of discipline for me not to get sad about it.

After working with Lotir I felt a sense of calm as if though my soulmate is on his way to me and i’ll be married soon. I am not a fan of Damon Brand’s stuff but if you are getting good results you can continue using them. There are a number of goetic books on amazon you can look into though that many people have said worked wonders for them in the love department.

I am wishing you all the best with finding someone that makes you happy.


If you work with Goetia, some good demons for this are Sitri, for glamour to radiate sex appeal and incite lust, Zepar, for short-term flings, Sallos, for causing romantic desire, and Beleth, for merging sexual desire with non-sexual emotional attachment.

To be honest I’m not the most accomplished when it comes to just getting laid a bunch with lots of different people, not so much my style, but I have done my share of seduction magick with demons. If you are concerned about developing attachments to the men you flirt with, using demons for seduction will help with that. There will still be sexual energy, which can be highly magnetizing, but you may get more pleasure out of the seduction/dating game than from really connecting with another person if you do demonic seduction. You may also get irritated if someone who obviously wants to fuck you doesn’t because of fear or because they’re brainwashed into following a script for relationships they copied from TV or society.

A demonic aura of sexual potency can cause the vast majority of the opposite sex (anyone with the appropriate sexual orientation) to be attracted to you and even to flirt with you, especially if you are already conventionally attractive, but not all of them will jump into bed with you. You may have a bit more luck as a woman, as statistically speaking men tend to be more desperate to get laid fast and women tend to be more afraid of men they’ve never met before, and there’s also the “slut stigma” society puts on women. Apologies if that comes off as misogynistic but that’s just what I’ve observed. Maybe that’s just the girls I’ve been around though. Different places get you different odds.

Maybe it would also be useful to do magick to gain insight into why you get so stuck on people, especially your ex. It took me a bit to get over an ex who was definitely not good for me because I didn’t think I deserved better, deep down in my subconscious emotions. Sometimes it takes a room full of people all fighting over you, sometimes it takes someone treating you with genuine respect and concern for you. Spend a bit of time as a sex goddess and I think you’ll get to a good place.


I had a similar experience at first with love spells, and I used to have the perspective love spells increase your own love, and even I became obsessed at first. But these days I wonder how much of it is the magick and how much of it is one’s personality or tendencies. Since then, I haven’t had such averse effects from doing love magick, as I simply refused to become obsessed from the magick.

Of course, it depends on the spirit, as some may let the situation come about by increasing your own feelings.
But otherwise, the thing with this is, you realize your desire for the person you’re after and it can be difficult to not think about the magick and in turn the love with them. So it’s best to try and get on with normal life instead.


Keep us posted with the Lotir spell.
I used Rosier in the past and I could feel his presence, however I felt his presence but the outcome was not really good. I think he is a good spirit, but perhaps not for me or I did something wrong


Yeah and he even mentioned that he got married by using the same spell (the first spell) if thats what you are talking about

I still dont get it … after reading your post i have a question

Does that spell affect the CASTER more or the woman… my guess is doesn’t matter if the caster is girl or the target it will affect the women more it is designed that way … correct me if m wrong

if you search LAYER LOVE SPELL you will get a lot of spells which use layer approach

hope it helps



I exactly experience the same when with angel for love spell, the backfire hit me hard like crazy, so i quit.

But i dont get good result working with demons.

Until i found Innana, you should try innana, i never working with Her for specific target but She gave me 80% critecia that i wanted, since then i only ask Innana support in the matter of love and sex.


Ase. I agree with you. All this free will stuff is just fluff and new age crap

If you’re talking about ritual 2 from Magickal Seduction (to turn attraction into love with one particular person), I’m a woman, and I was the only one affected by it.

Hey, while searching for experiences on love spells and letting go, I found a lot of threads by you (@Love8888 ), but I’m curious about the outcome of your workings since it’s been a while since your last post on this subject.

Like you, I did the second ritual from Magickal Seduction. Like you, I grew obsessed and deeply in love, but my target seemed unaffected. We had been dating for a month when I did the ritual, everything was going great, and a month later my target ghosted me. Haven’t heard from him in 7 months, though I did more rituals and petitions (to demons, angels, etc) for him to reconnect. I did those rituals for a couple of months, and then I stopped. That was 5 months ago, and nothing has changed in my situation. I gave up and haven’t done any more workings since.

So what happened to your situation, now that it’s been a while?

I’m currently looking for rituals to detach, let my target go, and completely forget him, since now it’s clear nothing worked.

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Personally - never touching that spell again. It’s not worth it. IMO mildly affects the target- deeply affects me. Being obsessed causes resistance, also is painful, It is just not worth it. It ended horribly with my target- I got pregnant and he basically forced me to abort- and hasn’t spoken to me since. He is a narcissist and sociopath- so I don’t care.


WOW, it’s a good thing it didn’t work, or it could’ve been worse. You dodged a bullet!


Do you remember the exact request to Aniel (the angel of this ritual)? it may be down to the specifics of the request more than the entity at hand as I am certain Aniel is also Astarte, Inanna, Astaroth just variations of the same entity or faces of it like most things they come how YOU want them to. But if you can write down the request made excluding names then that can help to debug it a little. Another thing with that ritual is the Genie spirits it uses are more on affecting oneself than another strangely enough and someone on this forum pointed that out a while ago as another group changed them around which supposedly made it work a bit better. May be better to just contact Aniel himself without the extra fluff to be fare.


I never could work with angels. It never worked. Seems that what I do was never a possible positive outcome. Based on my post today about meeting mother darkness, if I do a love spell one day it is with her I will work with and that is it.


If you mean the second ritual from Magickal Seduction, the Angel called is Haniel, and not Aniel (I thought they were the same but when I compared the sigils I remember they looked different, so I could totally be wrong, but they would seem to be different spirits).

Regarding the Genies (Jazar and Sisera), I suggested switching them for other options I thought were better, because I think the troublesome one is Jazar. Link to my post on that.

The way the petitions are worded in the Magickal Seduction book, it goes:

Petition to Genies: “Bring me the love and passion of X. Send my love into his/her heart so that s/he returns my love.”

Petition to Haniel: “Warm the heart of X, so that s/he feels my love and returns it a thousandfold.”

So, in a way, it’s like the strength (and result) of the ritual actually depends on the feelings of the operator… if the operator is obsessed or deeply infatuated, but doesn’t truly love the target, then those are the feelings sent to the target for them to return back to the operator: obsession and deep infatuation (these are examples, but it could be any other feelings that are not love). Of course, at best, these influences would be at least resisted by the target.

Looking back in my particular case, I think my main feelings were obsession, disappointment, and wanting my target to crawl for me. Where’s the love in that? Of course it wouldn’t work. I didn’t even know my target well enough to actually love them. Loving someone means adoring them, knowing fully who they are, loving them with their virtues and flaws, and being willing to accept them as they are.

If I had to do it again on some other target, I’d word it differently, because it’s like love has to be sparked and born out of nothing, so I can’t “send my love” to someone if I don’t truly love them, right? There are other spirits (Angels, Demons, Genies, etc) that can generate love (or manipulate minds and hearts) out of nowhere, and the petition can also be rephrased to reflect that.


Yup to be honest I don’t do love spells anymore- they have only caused me serious pain and drama. Also, not many people are worth it… the people I tried it on were extremely wealthy. Most people are replaceable, the spells are not worth it. If I meet someone worthy of a love spell in the future I will use Goetia spirits.


Yeah, makes senses, Aniel is Astaroth. The GV Astaroth and the Aniel seal are very similar. Don’t be confused about what that entity can do.

It would probably be better to find a spell that effects the guy more.

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Really? I see no similarities in their sigils, I must be missing something

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Oh?? Now that’s interesting.

It’s Aniel that’s also Anael, who is same as archangel Hanael, right?

Astaroth’s sigil looks quite a bit more intense than the ones I’m finding for Aniel.

Strangely, when i look up Aniel sigil I get something much simpler than the more complex Haniel sigil, even though they are supposed to be the same entity.

How confusing.