I had Astral sex with a married Co worker and now it's awkward

It was a total accident. He came to me or it was his daemon. It was intense…he’s very handsome. I am not going to mention it, he probably knows though… He’s gifted and practices magick or has in the past. It’s ok, I can handle the awkward, I feel some guilt but daemons don’t get jealous so…


Well, don’t stop! We need details lol. This is the making of a supernatural drama.


Oooo give us the deets

I’ve never been successfully do astral idk why



Few questions:

  • How can you have astral sex with another human?
  • Like do think you of him and then you instantly are with him?
  • Is he also conscious about it?
  • Did he said things during the sex?
  • Is it more intense than normal human sex? And where do you feel the stimulation? All over your body or just in your genitals?
  • Why is this awkward? I heard it’s just your energy body and his merging together and experiencing exstacy :smiley:

Use the search function here are a lot toopics about astral sex :slight_smile:


Yes I think of him and he’s there, like say Lucifer would be if I thought of him. I don’t know if he was conscious about it or not but things between us are awkward and there’s tension . It was all over body experience, like an all body orgasm.


Alright I can see the Astral realm at times while I’m awake and inside my body. Like a daydream only different. I didn’t actually leave my body. It’s more like soul travel sex I’d say. But you can feel and see what’s happening. He did not speak to me during the whole thing. Just came on to me, I wasn’t even thinking about him. It was a whole body orgasm tho. I have to say there’s nothing else like it. Except maybe when you a teenager and you are so intensely horny it effects your whole body. That’s what it reminded me of.


Ah the good old “after astral sex awkwardness”. He may not have consciously done it, so plz don’t talk to him about it. Gotta try and ignore it, or who knows? In the right set of circumstances, you now know that you definitely click with him. That’s the joy of astral sex. You get to see what it would be like with that person without any physical world repercussions. Give it time and that feeling will wear off and things will go back to normal, or they may become a closer friend to you. Like in the animal kingdom, sex is used to bring individuals closer together and bonding; it’s a subconscious urge. It’s only because of the waking life consequences that we don’t all hump like bonobos. Don’t act on the impulses if you don’t want to get tangled up with a married person. Otherwise have fun and keep the memories.

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Demons do get jealous I had a problem with a companion who was attacking people I was dating. One guy made a claim of being my twin flame and the next night he was attacked in his sleep and the spirit tried to possess him and made him bite his kid on her cheek! It was a huge bruise on this little girl from something.

I believe the problems I was having was a result of my friend who committed suicide being attached to me. That or the twin guy I’m attached to in the astral planes astral body was attacking people.