I had a lucid dream where I assume a Daemon was talking to me

I was lying down on my bed, when I appeared to be having what I can only describe as a lucid dream. I was in my room, on my bed in this dream, was not asleep, but everything was wavy, by this I mean the walls and everything around me seemed to be moving from side to side, though not in sync.

There was this voice, a powerful electric kind of voice, kind of like machines in a transformer movie, it was telling me something, unfortunately I have completely forgotten what it said. My attention during this conversation was on my hand. To be specific, when I put my hand near the wall it felt like there was nothing there, I eventually put the tips of my fingers through the wall, it’s as if it were made of some incredibly dense smoke.

Do you think this was just a lucid dream, or an attempt at communication from a Daemon?


It sounds like an OBE. As to the electronic machine voice, that’s not altogether uncommon, neither is having someone tell you something that seems important but fail to recall later. I’ve known a great many magickians who have experienced that, myself included. To date, I haven’t encountered an explanation that fits well. But the rest of your experience definitely sounds like an out-of-body episode.

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Thanks for the reply man, can always count on you to give good advice, will be making my runes this weekend, will post pictures once they’re done, they’ll have to stand a while since I’ll have to coat them.

Can Daemons cause you to have OBE if they want to communicate with you? I really wish I recall what was said. Maybe with experience it will become easier to remember, but was too focused on my hand and the wall.