I Had A Dream

I had a dream that kept repeatdly showing these words to me: extracting energy from objects magick. Does anyone have a idea what this means?

Well, I know how to start doing that, because it’s arguably the first thing I learned. As a kid I found out pretty quickly that the more you touch something, the more familiar your body becomes with and to it. So I’d hold a handful of rocks and move them around my palm so my hand would memorize their feeling, and when that feeling lingered longer than the rocks in my hand, I realized I could extend the duration by focusing on the feeling. Then I put three and seven together and realized I could feel out into the surroundings by way of extending the sensation of the rocks, which eventually led to me being able to activate the sensation at will.

Then I realized I could put it on or in others, and combine the feelings of many things into one whole - and the rest is history. :slight_smile: