I had a dream about skeleton skulls, I’ve witnessed Belial fighting using this energies, The strength and greatness I saw he is almost invincible

I felt blessed I felt like my father figure was there to guide me and gave me some inspiration that was absolutely brilliant, Belial finally appeared in my dreams after I thought about him constantly before my sleep, His eyes were gold shining light, I’m loving it I felt secured and safe at all time in this fight the energy remaining in the death such as animals are far more powerful than I thought, I saw 3 Dimension chicken is very powerful for ascension indeed, Can’t remember the last one tho but I think it’s related with this energies, I think it’s insect let me tell you the energy I felt from this was absolutely unlimited nothing could have stop him it’s almost like he told me if you want to get stronger go buy this and bury this in your garden that’s the vibes and the message I got from this dream.


He is a powerful entity indeed :wink:


Yeah, he’s definitely having a rise to prominence right now… :smiling_imp:


Maybe he wants to? I’ve thought about one of EA’s videos and he talks about how Belial is just on the edge waiting to be called.
It seems as if he anticipates those who will call him and either contacts them first or shows up right away when they finally do call.

EA said it might be Belial’s time, maybe that’s true.


Guys he literally has used the death skeleton energy to create a servitor thought form energy under his control, Genuinely brilliant I have never witnessed such greatness before that dream, I might as well do a ritual and invite him to my dreams I think his message was clear, I finally felt connected to nature down to earth, Finally I felt how dry and how calm Belial energy is dry strong and pretty much in control at all time, I need a cave a river some stones area and I’m good.