I had a dream about Caim

Last night I had a dream about Caim. In my dream I was doing tarot readings and two big cards suddenly appeared out of the deck. One had a man with a spear with the name Caim and the other had a man sitting in the middle on a massive flower with a very similar name to Caim ( can’t quite remember it just that it was very long and ended with “ous” ). Anyway I heard a voice in my dream saying that I needed to contact Caim and that I’m smart I just need to tap into my intelligence. Does anyone know who the second guy might be? Or how I should go about contacting Caim?


First try to connect with him by finding his seal and do some sigil gazing using one black taper candle. Recite his enn over and over or just speak to him from the heart. Once you feel the energy in the room shift blow out the candle and see what you come up wit. This should be done in complete darkness. Sit in the darkness for a while and recieve the messages sent. Write down the experience. Oh and some insence wont hurt either.



I too had a dream a few days ago. Nothing like yours, it was just a family member telling me that I should contact him and his wife/sister.
I guess he is going around calling some of us…

I’m still figuring out how to go about this, but you can look for his different faces (besides that one of the biblical apocrypha) and develop a proper ritual:

  • President Camio, you can use his seal in the Ars Goetia and chant or recite his enn. Look on the search function, there’s two users here who had worked with him.
  • Qayin Falxifer, the ways to contact him were written on Liber Falxifer, the first book. If you want to know and work with Qalmana/Luluwa, read the second book.

I will go with the first option + his enn (Tasa on ca Camio renich). Simple rite, chanting, offering…
It’s not as complex as the ways described on Liber Falxifer, since I’m still studying the book and I’ve never read it before neither researched in depth about Cain/Qayin.

Whatever you choose, good luck. :slight_smile:


I’ve felt like I had to call on Caim since the dream and I am happy I did tonight because I found an abandoned kitten this evening on the way home from work. Once home i gave the kitten some food and my mind kept bugging me to speak to Caim. I got all my stuff ready to summon him (drew Sigil, gave cup of nettle tea as an offering, lit a black candle ,etc.) Once I began to chant I felt a warm presence behind me and the candle began to flicker then I eventually blew it out. Then he sat on my bed and talked. It was hard getting any messages and communicating with him. Could barely hear anything. I asked for the cat to be alright (she’s really sick and skinny). All I understood that she’ll make it through the night and that he wants me to take care of cat and make an alter for him . Skip to later I said my goodbyes and thanked him then put cat in a different room (my sister wanted her). I came back to my room later and his tea was spilled. Thanks Caim for visiting me and helping save this poor kitten! We are taking her to he vet tomorrow :blush:



This is the kitty after the vet

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Interesting i saw caim’s sigil and a YouTube video about him

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In a dream or just in general when you were awake?

in general.

Oh nice. If it’s any good can you link it to me?

what do you mean?

She meant the youtube video about him, asked if you can link it.


Oh ok

@Rachel here it is

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Thanks dude

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@Rachel Yes?

you asked about my experience before so tagged you here ^

Ohh thanks!

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