I got three "visits" last night

Hello there,

Last night I got three “visits” in my room, and I would like your opinion about it.

The first one : it was 7am, I heard a female voice saying “aren’t you gonna wake up ?” I opened my eyes and my room was illuminated by an intensive yellow light from outside the window, behind the shutter. There was a bright white veil waving all around me. There was a naked person behind this veil, wearing a gaz mask. She approached me and looked at me moving her head like she was curious about me. Her movements were so fast and jerky. I tried to move but then I felt a weight on my bed cover. When eventually I succeeded to move, everything stop.

The second one : It was 8am, still in bed. I sense something and woke up. I felt a little pressure on my body and a transparent silhouette came very fast to me, looked at me a millisecond and started to go away. I asked it to help me as I couldn’t move with the pressure. It turned back to me, looked at me and just disappeared.

The third one : it was 9am, still in bed. I opened my eyes and saw a big metal cross with plants around it on my wall (I don’t have a cross on my wall). A suspens cartoon music started to play. Deformed shadows came out of the cross to form one shadow of a winged horned thing. As it started to rise, I immediately got up, ending the event.

I think the first two are sleep paralysis, as I couldn’t move, but the third one I could totally move so I don’t think that was sleep paralysis. Any Idea of which tricky demon it was ? I didn’t sense anything malicious, I was just surprised lol

Truthfully I couldn’t tell you what it was or wasn’t. Sometimes spirits just like playing tricks on us. Maybe it was curious, or wanted to communicate. Perhaps it was just having some good old fashion fun. It happens sometimes, and doesn’t always mean anything or come back. That’s just from my experience and observations really. Only time will really tell.

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They most definitely like to play tricks on us, I don’t believe the scientific explanation of sleep paralysis, I think it’s a particular type of spirit that causes that

Ah thank you, I also believe that sleep paralysis is a spirit manifestation, and not a scientific explanation. I could interact with one of them so for me that’s not just an hallucination. I prefer to employ the term of sleep paralysis because not everyone thinks that’s a spirit manifestation