I got some problem with Asmodeus

hear me here becouse im new to this and i got some problem
well i met up with my friend who is white hand magician and got open third-eye
i asked him to look upon me becouse i felt the some entity near me
he looked upon me and told me that he sees a strong entity inside me
well he asked me what the name i hear in my mind when he scanned me
the name that popped in my head is asmodeus, he looked again and i felt
a strong feeling coming from my heart chakra, he explained me that part of the demon is like “posses” in my heat chakra
well it scared me bcz he told me that he feeds from my energy
and bcz i cant really to call demons\angels by my own i asked him what i should do
he told me that the best is to seal up the heart chakra so he wont get to other chakras
well here i am with the bad feeling around my chakra and want to ask you:
what should i do? keep it like that till i will be able to evoke spirits?
try to contact him threw black mirror? ask my friend so he will ask raphael to help? or i can somehow to get rid of him?

thanks guys!