I got some crystals today for free!

Hey guys ! So I take a geology class and our geology teacher was giving out free crystals and rock samples he didn’t need anymore, of course already thinking ahead I went for the good stuff.

I got some nice ones too : clear quartz, milky quartz, haematite, Celestine, Amber, coral, calcite and pyrite and one I’m still on the fence about, I don’t know if it’s talc or gypsum.

Best of all, I got it for free, now I can add it to my crystal collection and get working on integrating crystals with my energy work !

Pretty exciting stuff, I’m a total rock nerd btw :slight_smile:

Just thought I would share this with everyone cause I’m pretty excited about it :slight_smile:



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Thanks ! It really made my day ! I’m going to get on with cleansing them pretty soon :slight_smile:


What’s pyrite good for, pardon my asking

OP, congrats btw. Glad things went your way :slight_smile:

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Some use pyrite to stimulate the intellect and enhance memory. Also as a protection stone. At least, some pyrite clusters look magnificent :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


that’s nice news,i can see the happiness in your words and that is priceless

enjoy it =P


You pretty much nailed it right there ! Thanks for understanding!

Yeah it’s pretty much what’s been answered and esotericalkg it kinda helps to log up your spirits.

It’s an earth stone so it’s good for lots of of wealth and money spells. It helps to attract it as well

It boosts your confidence too :slight_smile: