I got scammed and now I’m in deep shit

I got scammed with a “work from home” job. They sent a fake check and I deposited it doing the things they asked of me and it turns out it was fake. Now I have until January 3rd to come up with $2,200 or I’m really screwed…
If anyone has any advice, that would be greatly appreciated. And let me know if there are any demons that could please, I’m scared.


Maybe call on Bune? I’ve heard she is good for sums of money. Sorry, that’s a rough situation. :frowning:


If it is all fake then why would you give them even more money?
King Belial = legal activities :pray:


Belial for legal matters, perhaps Lucifer to see what’s going on?




The scam usually goes like this: they send you a fake check, you deposit it into the bank, they ask you to buy all sorts of things or else forward some of the money to someone else. But then the bank finds out the check was fake and deducts your account for that amount, but you’ve already spent the money. So then the OP is in trouble with the bank.


Yeah, Belial sounds about right. Belial’s rage could work well in this situation


If it was a criminal activity or activity with a sole purpose of cheating you then I am asking again “Why would she even give them more money?”
Hook and bait scammers
If I were her I’d stand my ground
P.S. Archangel Michael is also great to go with
P.P.S. Judge will be on her side and she can always volunteer to pay any debt

Don’t mean to argue, but she’s not giving them money. She’s repaying the bank. The scammers already have their money.

Imagine you had a check for $2,000. You spent $1,500 of it. But the $2,000 check was a fake so now you’re out all that money you spent and need to probably get your account out of overdraft.

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No need to argue…it is all good :+1: :smiley:

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I’m struggling with some money that I lost in a scam too, do you think it’s ““safe”” for a beginner to talk to belial too?

That happened with me and my credit card! A friend of mine tried to help pay off my credit card by doing that. I was naive and now I’m fucked and out $13,000… credit card company didnt believe me either. Reason it got that high is because they suddenly increased my limit from 5k to 12k and fucked me over hard.

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I try clauneck from black witch coven fast ritual u can adapt. But honestly the rituals i knw are from Spanish, and u will need translater. To look on youtube such fast money. Etc

Black witch coven is a enghlish youtube chanel the clauneck. Look up yes its free

I believe so. He’s a really good spirit to work with! Lucifer may be able to help you there too!

I wonder if you had lifelock on the onset that this would have happened. Seems like some agency should be able to detect fake checks.

Abramelin Square. $2200 isn’t that hard.

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Also, NEVER USE CREDIT CARD. ALWAYS USE DEBIT CARD. Spending money U don’t have isn’t wise.

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Report it to the Authorities and this may help stop it happening to someone else too.
Report it as fraud to the bank

I would say evoke Andromalius. PM me if you need any details. He will not only root out the bad guy but also punish him and possibly restore your money in some way. He works fast too.

I can vouch for him, he did things for me that have been powerful and I adore him.

Bune can also help with financial issues and is a darling to deal with . Be sure to ask Andromalius to use his legions and report back to Andras. Lucifer or Azazel his findings.

Hope this helps


Really? I could use that.

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