I got ravished in the shower, how to avoid obsession?

I am doing a path working with Lucifer but today Azazel showed up and we briefly spoke and he led me to a love spell (could of been Lucifer) the woman I imagined had pale skin black hair and a pentagram on her arm and tonight I got in the shower and started getting mounted by a sex demon (I was sitting down) that looked exactly like the woman in the love spell and now I feel followed around. Are Lucifer or azazel known to give sex demons? Should I keep it around or will I get obsessed as it looks like my fantasy woman.

Did you try simply banishing her? Try to solve it at the simplest possible level first.


I liked it


I just don’t want to get obsessed

If you feel you are getting obsessed with it, just send it to me. I take it.
((( Audience, ““Yeah, Right”” ! )))
It was worth a shot.


Edited your title since the first indicated you disliked the experience. :+1:


Well the first step you can take is 1. Identify the spirit - verify who/what it is. Identify their intent as well.

Then if the spirit turns out to be a “sex demon”, leave that dogma behind. Sex isnt the only or primary function of “sex demon’s”. It’s a label humans gave them. Focus on other stuff besides sex.

If sex is the sole reason for interactions then that’s a red flag. Unless both are mutually okay and there isn’t any draining/etc going on.

That will help you not become obsessed :slight_smile:

Note might be worth looking into what your concerns of becoming obsessed stem from


She told me her name was monic and she is a wandering spirit that wants to help me and be my friend I just don’t know why she decided to rape me in the shower to get my attention …

That’s why I changed my profile picture because it looks like her from the side

Right, that’s what she told you. Did you go about verifying any of that information? Spirits can lie just like people.

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Yea I spoke to Lucifer last night and he said it wasn’t true fml

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Though I asked “her” to give me proof and she gave me a really cool experience so it was a spirit

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Maybe divine on it, or something? If you want a relationship with her - then you need to know her intent and reason for being with you.

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