I got declined by Sallos

Today I did an evocation of Sallos in view of getting his help and get my ex back to have this all resolved once and for all. The 4 pennies divination I did with Sallos yielded very confusing and somewhat disheartening results.
Be patient with me; first I’ll narrate the questions I asked along with their answers, then I’ll put across my views.
These are my questions and Sallos’ answers
Q1) is Kanika and I meant to be together? - YES (4 heads)
Q2) is Kanika going to reunite with me in love? - No (3 tails)
Q3) is there anything I can do about it? - No (5 tails)
Q4) can you help me about this? - No (3 tails)
Q5) is there a pact you and I be in for you to help me on this? - No (4 tails)
Q6) is there something wrong I’ve done to disrespect you? - No (5 tails)
Q7) can you help me to reunite with Kanika? - YES (3 heads)
Q8) but you just said that Kanika and I are meant to be together. So is there anything blocking her to be in love with me? - YES (5 heads)
Q9) is it something I did wrong, like me being jobless at the time of our relation or anything worldly stopping her? - No (5 tails)
Q10) is it her aunt that did something to control Kanika? - No (4 tails)
Q11) is it her mother? - YES (5 heads)
Q12) can you help me to remove that blockage? - No (5 tails)
Q13) can you help me to reunite with Kanika and get married to her? - No (5 tails)
Q14) “at this point I was saying my next question but thinking that Sallos is being a smart ass with me and we’re going in circles” - one of the coin just flew of my hand and landed on - No (1 tail). I smiled at it and then asked
Q15) so you can help me to reunite with Kanika and we’re meant to be together. But you can’t help me get married with her and undo the things her mother did? - YES (3 heads)
Q16) Can I make any offerings to you that will make you help me? - Yes (5 heads)
Q17) can I offer you an evocation ritual for straight 21 days when Kanika comes back in my life and bi-monthly offerings subsequently. Also, every 6 months you can collect the energy Kanika and I will produce through consummating our relationship? - No (3 tails)
Q15) do you want anything else, my blood? - YES (4 heads)
Q16) if I offer you my blood will you be willing to be in a working relationship with me? - No (3 tails)
Q17) so will you help me today? - Yes (3 heads)
Q18) is this a one off thing for you? - YES (3 heads)
Q19) so will you at least have Kanika call me today? - Yes (3 heads)
Q20) will you also have her parents change their minds about me? - Yes (3 heads)
Q21) will you help me have a married life with Kanika? - No (5 tails)
Q22) will I need to work with someone else to resolve all this situation? - YES (5 Heads)
Q23) So if this is a one of thing and you’ll only help me to have Kanika call me and possibly come back to me but not romantically then maybe as a friend and you’ll help to change her parents mind about me. Then are we destined to be together? - Yes (5 heads)
Q24) can you help me reach that destiny? - No (5 tails)
Q25) are you playing with me to test my patience? - YES (3 tails)
Q26) am I better working with any other spirit who will resolve this issue for me? - YES (5 heads)
Q27) is there any offering I can give right now in return of your favour to have Kanika call me today? - Yes (3 heads)
Q28) is it my blood you want today? - No (5 tails)
Q29) is it my life energy through my semen you want today? - Yes (5 Heads)
Q30) did I offend you or disrespectyou in anyway? - No (3 tails)

What I deduce from this is that Kanika and I are meant to be together but because of the thing done by her mother Sallos can’t help us to reunite in love and all he can do at this moment is make her contact me. Rest I will need to first work with someone else for the removal of blocks and then make her fall in love with me again.

Your conclusions and guidance on this will be highly appreciated.


Love is not the problem here- mom is. Remove her and then contact the Duke. You basically have a big rock in the middle of the road. Find an entity more suitable to remove her and her influence and then continue.


King Paimon might help with the mom’s idea. He’s really great to change a mind.


Something i have been doing for my customers to get their ex back which I never thought or saw people depict on this forum, which I realized is so vital, is you must first to a ritual based on FORGIVENESS first.

I evoke CLEMENTIA and evoke the spirit of the person while they are sleeping. Direct Goddess Clementia to bath them in forgiving energies and thoughts about you. Once thats done. Then I cont duke sallos for the love part.


Try devising a rite to clear your path. Like a specialized road-opener spell.

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Results within 2 weeks or less so far

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I think my man the good Duke was testing you and I don’t think you passed. Those sound like his type of answers, but you kept asking him what he wanted as payment and you were even offering him payment before he has even helped you.

The good Duke is amazing to work with, but he will walk all over you if given the chance. I didn’t let him walk all over me and as a result I have a great relationship with him. Tell him what you will offer and if he accepts great. He likes booze by the way.

Do not pay him before what you have asked of him has happened. You do not need to prepay, so why should you. He will respect you if you show him that you can’t be pushed around.


Bingo! Great advice. Forgiveness is key.


I suspect there is some problem with the Mother (financial, medical, etc) that she is using to keep the daughter in check.
I agree that the mother needs to be priority, find out what’s going on. He can change their minds but can’t get you married, to me, means the block will still be there so you need to work with that.

The Duke might be able to stop Kanika getting married to someone else for the time being, I’d work on that too so you’re not jeopardizing your workings with anxiety.

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Well the issue is her parents both of them equally hates my family. So no they’re not keeping her under check because of any other reasons. Her mother particularly is against me because I’m divorced.

I’m thinking on the contradiction in The Duke’s answers… he can have you on friendly terms again, he can get the family to “change their mind” but can’t get you two back together.

To me it implied that they are using another means of control. Their hate for you has been shifted into something to control the daughter.

It might even be an arranged Marriage. That’s why I say you need to dig deeper then “they hate me”.
Hate takes many forms and unless you can find the form you can’t squash it. You need to know what actions the Mother is taking that could be guilting the daughter.

I get you. I think I have a fair idea of the modus operandi her parents have used on her. Having seen that for 2 months before my girl succumbed to all their pressures. You can’t even begin to imagine the melodrama and shit they said. But I’ll not bother any of us focusing on that. That’ll be counterproductive. What I’m really thinking about if there’s a protective/ Reversal spell I can do? So that if they have not only used the means of basic psychological pressure but even spiritual then I can protect my girl and give her power to take the decision she wants to take without being manipulated by anyone. Including me. (Of course I’ll be hoping that she chooses our love. Because the issues she had with me were miniscule and I’m ready to work on them to be a better partner to her).

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I think that’s a good start and I totally agree about giving her protection.
Maybe King Paimon can help root out the issue or even a servitor?
I’m still learning the daemons so don’t know the best match yet. There is a Celtic deity that is in the back of my head but I don’t remember his name, I’ll have to look him up.

Lugh came to mind. He is a lot of things but he does work with truth.
Morrigan might help you, you can see what she says. She doesn’t like abuse and if they are forcing Kanika she would protect her.


In 14 posts not one person has asked how you got 5 responses from 4 coins.

You failed to ask the most important questions.

Do I need to change?
What do I need to change about myself?


It could also be possible that Duke Sallos agreed to the work but put it on hold until you take care of something on your end.
He’s done that with me before. He told me that he accepted the contract I drew up but he be putting a place holder on the work until I worked on something about me and my ego getting in the way of my progress.
Once I was able to move past my own hangups he continued on with the work.
You may need to do another type of divination. Maybe a card reading would help.

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Hi I’m sorry it’s my bad, I should have mentioned there were 5 coins not 4. 5th one to make sure there are no draws.

Yes those questions came to my mind. The answer to
Do I need to change is YES. The thing is I already knew I need to and I also know what I need to change in me as a person. That’s why there was a question like did she leave me because of my money issue and being in between jobs for last 6 months was there. So when the answer to that came as NO. Then I knew the other things I need to change is some personality traits of mine and definitely some nature quirks. As a matter of fact the day she left me very next day I contacted a NLP practitioner to work on my personal changes. I’m on it already.

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Gotcha. Possible and I will contact him after 21 days as there’s this self development 21 days thing I’m doing first.

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In all honesty I do not think the penny method works very well in comparison to other methods of divination. If you’re determined to stick with it, make sure that you enchant the pennies before using them by calling forth the spirit you wish to communicate with and channeling their energy into the pennies with their blessing. Otherwise you’ll only be getting random answers.

A slightly more effective way to get answers (IMO) is the pendulum. This actually opens a line of communication with the spirit via your subconscious. Just make sure you clear your mind beforehand with meditation as otherwise what you want the spirit to answer will overcloud the actual answer, and similarly enchant the pendulum before use.

Finally, the most effective way I’ve found to communicate with spirits is to clear your mind with meditation, evoke or invoke them, and then just listen for their mental answer to your question. It takes practice, and it’s difficult at first to discern between your own mental imagination and the spirit’s answer, but the benefit of this is that you’re not restricted to Yes/No questions and the spirit can answer at length. EA recommends to write down a list of 5 questions you have before starting the process. For the first couple questions, you’ll still think that it’s just your imagination answering, but by the 5th one you’ll notice that the style of the answered response does not sound like you, and that there will be information in the answers that you couldn’t normally have access to.

Good luck! :sunny:


Hm I’ve never tried communication like that before… interesting…