I got a new Tarot deck

My main Thoth deck (I have more than one) is getting a little nasty so I decided to cleanse it and in the meantime work with a new deck. I decided on the Quest tarot and received it today. The Quest deck utilizes the traditional tarot as well as other divination systems like Runes and I Ching as well as Kabalistic letters, Astrology and gemstones. These cards are also designed to answer yes no questions as well as predict certain times (mostly within a three month window) so I’m really eager to get these things broke in.

So, because I’m awesome as shit (and humble to boot) I’m going to offer a free 3 card reading to 5 people. Post if you would like a reading, I’ll use a simple system to decide who will receive one and annouce it on the thread. Those selected can then PM me their question. Just leave a short review to tell everyone what you think, good or bad, I’m confident you will enjoy your reading.


I would like one. Also that deck looks amazing!

I would like one too…
Your readings are awesome.

I would love one and I can return the favor… cause I need practice.

I would also like one and can return the favor using Ralph Blume’s
Rune cards

I’d be interested in a reading! :slight_smile:

Crap! Why am I always to late on these kinds of things…

Your not too late. In the morning I’ll use a numeric tool to randomly choose who gets a reading. This way the same people don’t get readings and he same people don’t keep getting passd up.

-TWF-, I’m curious about what you mean by your main deck getting nasty, please share if you will, how this happened, etc.


Since I do readings as a side business I do a lot of readings for a lot of different people. Over time the cards pick up a residue of sort from the multiple people’s energies. When I start getting readings that are hard to interpret or seem to contradict themselves I know it’s time to cleanse them. Some may disagree but I’m a spiritualist of sorts and believe one every tool has its own energy or spirit so its important to care and maintain it, work for it so that it works for you.

To cleanse my cards I take the cards put them in their proper order and store them upright for a few days, I then wrap them in cloth and put them in a bowl of salt form about a week to remove any energy. I then smoke them in a nice incense (usually dragons blood) and put them back in the box I store them in. I dress the box in a combination of oils (blessing, psychic vision, and protection) when they’re not being used.

I have similar methods for my runes, bones and pendulum.

Well due to lack of participation I’ll read for all who posted. Pm me your question and I’ll read on it.

Wow TWF’s reading was fantastic!

I have been torn between two spirits that both members and the spirits I work with have been suggesting I work with. I asked which of the two would be the best one and help me reach my immediate goals.

TWF saw how my need to master myself stems from my past tragedies and my current determination to keep up my daily practice. He saw how I am unsatisfied with my current life position and then he showed me which of the two spirits would have the most to teach me, so I can obtain my immediate material goals. He also saw how I am not trying to achieve material success to brag about it, but to catch up to where I feel I should be in my life at the moment.

He has done it again! Also I love the deck.

Thank you again TWF.

Damn Orismen, I should hire you as my promoter lol.

That astrology in the deck definitely adds a lot of insight in addition to the cards meaning.

Well I am looking for a better job :slight_smile: lol

If you have sent your pm you have been replied to. Just waiting on Icarus and Elison to pm me their questions.

I might as well shamelessly promote myself since I can not adhere to Orismen’s requirements and demands of employment such as providing foot rubs, sponge baths and referring to him as “O-Man the Smooth Magus of Love”.

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TWF was asked the same question this time around that I asked him the
last time. But this time he hit on the cause as to why no positive result
has occurred. I am very impressed with this reading and if anyone
wants a clear and direct reading TWF is the guy to go to for the answers.

My question is about the future but what TWF sayed about my Present situation is dead-on as always.
I will report if his Predictions come true.

Reading went great. I definitely try using a similar deck in the future.
he pinpointed the underlying motivations regarding my journey as well as some advice on where to take it from here.

The question I asked TWF was if my current immersion into a particular course of personal development would be fruitful to me overall in gaining certain abilities and increasing personal power. I am already having some pretty good results with this course but wanted to know if this was really going to open things up for me as the program claims and if I am making the right decision to continue with it.

His answer was that I would indeed continue to see positive transformation and results.

This reading was very helpful in terms of what I will be going through as I progress with this program. The layout of his spread revealed that this will be a time of transformation for me and that indeed the finer things I enjoy will be accessible to me if I continue. However, he also stated that there will be some things I’ll need to face and let go of as I progress, such as certain habits and modes of behavior and thought.

TWF also highlighted and picked up my willingness to surrender my skepticism and allow these teachings to work as intended. What I found to be great advice was what he said about approaching this with a joyous and lighthearted attitude and mindset as I do have a tendency to be too serious with things of this nature due to lust for results and TWF was able to accurately pick this up as well as the need for me to improve my assertiveness as I grow with the power this immersion will bestow upon me.

I was, all in all, very happy with this reading. It got me thinking deeply about how I was going to approach this in the days and weeks to come and how I am currently perceiving things, and a good tarot reading should definitely give you much food for thought to ponder and mull over and this reading did that in spades, keeping in mind that his words are concise, well chosen and to the point. With that said, much can be gained by re-reading his answer several times. The order in which the cards were pulled was uncannily on point.

Thankyou, TWF, for going above and beyond for me on this. Very much appreciated. Keep up the great work, my friend.

So TWF did the reading for me. A very interesting result came up. It was regarding the invocation of YHVH I did and a person. I wanted to see if my request will be granted by YHVH.

What surprised me a lot is that he got the hair color of the person right. LOL!

Anyway, a very good reading. Although the answer I was searching for isn’t certain yet, the cards told me to look to the future. There were some disappointing answers too, but that’s very good. It shows me what do I have to do next, so the resolution of the situation won’t disappoint me. :slight_smile:

Thank you TWF!