I Give you my Power

First read this…

See this…

Now access my power using the phrase “I Anecdote All My Ers”, said like this “I Anecdotal Myers”

Now here are some codes/notes as well as photos that will help your receptivity…

Enter the portal.


That sigil says DIE


Oh shi-


I saw that and did wonder.

It’s like a subversion of this:


Honestly, it’s interesting that you guys see that. I think the same thing. I feel like I am a sacrifice to something insanely unbelievable…

Cool sigil. Nice balance, I love green, and it even has an impression of a triple moon and Norse compass points. Oh yeah…

…and it does look like it says “die”. Still, cool.


I came up with the symbol when in 3rd grade, without any knowledge of symbols or runes. Ever since then I have been using it in everything I do… its tattooed on my chest…



I am UFO in ALIENATION of REALITY on OCCULT ORDER of SILENT CHAOS. Supernal dweller seeking back doors into secret societies, hacking heavenly abode. With LOVE for CREATION and HATE for DESTRUCTION I deliver chaos and build structure where-whence I process and discharge all direction. Omniversed in multiplicity modal, skilled in the art of singularity suicide, WARSHIPPING portals to and fro, I go here and there simultaneously summoning something and nothing. Brave mindfully the art of nature, scientifically inclined to dissect and dissociate, yet… still I stay, heartfelt gnosis brings me back to eternal beginnings divine, primed every time around the crop circles of RE.

Welcome to my Lair. I am RARE.

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By the power invested in me… I give it back to thee.