I give myself to you for

Hi. I would like to sign a pact in return for something that I want. I want my ex badly. She is with someone else. My life changed in 3 weeks time. I cannot offer money for this to happen, but I am willing to sign a pact for anything that I possess, even my soul.

Please help me.

If you sold me your soul and I decided that since I now own you, I’m going to condemn you to a loveless future of absolute agony and torment, perhaps forcing you to kill the person you love very slowly with acid and blowtorches, you’d be kind of screwed, so you might want to reconsider that whole area.

Also, check the Messages link above please, you have mail. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your message. I know that some of you here can help me. . . I am asking for this person to come back and break up her current “new” relation.

If you use the Search function with the phrase “break up” in quotes and search only the Baneful & Love and Lust subforums, you’ll get a bunch of threads where people have shared ideas, this is one: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/curses-and-hexes/twf%27s-crossroad-break-up-jar/

My point was if you sell your soul, your entire life would become the property of whoever (or whatever) you sold it to, so while I know the pain of love gone wrong, be careful about giving your power away, it won’t make you happy and could go disastrously wrong…

I fully understand you, but for this person to come back I am willing to do everything. I am sure there are ways and means. I cannot do a spell myself as I know nothing about witchcraft, hence i mentioned my soul.

Okay well this thread has that in, please don’t keep making duplicate posts on other threads, they’ll just be removed - this is a small forum and there’s no need to flood it to get a response.

so i may be missing the obvious here but once they break up, what exactly are you gonna do? she’s not gonna fall back in love with you just because…

you may wanna fully think this one through before you decide to act.Or don’t, i’ve never done a break-up spell and this could be an interesting experience :3

I pm ed you

Man, I dump people for not calling me back, being too needy, having an incompatible lifestyle. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Attractive, likeable people with functioning genitalia are a nickel per busload. If anybody you’re intimate with thinks it’s okay to have a flippant attitude toward your health and well-being, I mean, to me, I’m letting them live because I like them and I’m a nice person, but they belong on the curb with the other garbage. I might curse the everloving fuck out of the new relationship, but broken is broken. When something breaks, you don’t build it a shrine and try to pray it back to life. You say, “Too bad,” put it in the trash and move on.

Your better off hiring someone. And even then it’s not guaranteed

Jeez. I understand love & desperation but man you gotta get a grip. Selling your soul & making blind pacts with people you don’t know from Adam can be akin to suicide - a long term solution for a short term problem.

In my opinion it’s totally not worth trying to get back someone who used to love you. However I can understand the pain you’re going through. I’ve made a few posts on this topic here;



Try the first one, I’ve posted the link to the ritual there and in case you don’t have any spirit link you have a great suggestion on how to make one in the same thread. Try that one and then follow the second link I’ve posted, the instructions are pretty clear. So far I’ve been very successful with lord Sallos though I’m not there yet, but then again I’m concentrated on specific person and in that case it will take a bit longer than having someone appear from nowhere. However, evoking Sallos doesn’t mean he can give you someone back just like that. For what I’ve gathered the point is to possess someone yourself, mainly your personality, traits, intelligence and so forth.
If you do try to evoke Sallos do by all means take steps to improve yourself. How you do that is up to you, be it by evoking other spirits to empower you, working out, socialising more and trying to learn how to be more charismatic. It’s very unlikely that the person you’re trying to charm will far for you if you’re old, fat and poor. There must be something on you the other person finds attractive. Figure out what that is and work on it.

I don’t think you need to make a pact for something like that. This looks to be a short term project that the appropriate spirit would be willing to do for you without a pact. You need to master evocation first and foremost before you can do that. [URL=http://www.becomealivinggod.com/evocation/]Mastering Evocation[/URL]