I fucked up

I fucked up. I am truly sorry. I pushed a boundary when someone was having a hard time. This is meant to be a safe place for everyone and even though I didn’t realise it’s no excuse. They know who they are. I feel about as bad as I can for doing it unintentionally to someone who has been nothing but nice to me. My sincerest apologies


Relax man. We all need to calm down for a bit

Take a breath brother. We all make mistakes.

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Yes, you did fuck up. You know you did, don’t you?

And you have learnt your lesson.

The lesson being?

(I will leave you to work out WHO exactly you’ve hurt the most with this)

Please don’t give me a hard time over this, I already beat myself up more than enough and I get a shitload at home too. It was probably me

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Dude, chill out, it happens.

You said you were sorry, they accepted your apology, move on.

Why are you still pining over it and repeatedly apologizing over it, when the issue has been resolved?

Externally, you’ve done everything you can - now deal with your emotions.


I had, I thought it was done and in the past and then I got the message from @HermesHorse half an hour ago. Can we please just let it drop?

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There you are.

That is what Duke Dantalion did to me - the mirror and self reflection are the greatest punishments. Far harsher than any external influence.

External influence - an oxymoron when one considers it.

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Can I pm?

nobody is perfect my friend, life is about that, trial and error