I found what they meant by the light. I was almost right

It was literally “The light”. It was a form of me that was running. A form of light. I realize just how empty I had felt before. I had to chase it through this weird new plane the man with the large flower hat called “the spiritual world” or “a place of healing”

No upper, no lower, no middle. Just something new. OR perhaps some pocket of the middle. With the help of Hist, my serpent spirit animal, I found him pulled him in! (Things don’t make sense in this world, I lasso’d my light in with Hist acting as a rope. It was automatic, almost as if it was his idea. I fricken love Hist.

We had to swim against a strong current, so me and hist did this weird thing where we joined together and I assumed a similar form to his. I swam against the current powerfully, unforming with easy and taking my friend along with me.

I felt a “burst” inside me when I dragged the light in. We had to “seal” it in.

@Lady_Eva , what do ya say about THAT!?

Also I feel like a million bucks right now.

Could you please clarify what you mean? :thinking:

I believe he means the worlds in shamanic journeys lower, middle, and upper.

Yes, but I was wondering what “@Lady_Eva , what do ya say about THAT!?” means.

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Your posts lately are all over the board in randomness, sounds like something is trying to confuse you to me.

Oh I think he wants your opinion on it if you know what’s up lol.

It was different. I can’t reliably say it was the upper or lower

I entered a slit through the open air. Not a membrane. Not a hole in a root.

I mean, what do you think is up?

Maybe. But it feels coherent enough for me.

What seems off?

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There’s shamanic healing, which is about manipulating energy, I mentioned in reply to your post about back pain that you could just journey straight to the area, which is in the Middle World, and push light into the area.

This Light that was you, and also running, is the same concept, expanded, insofar as you saw this energy which is healing to you, possibly from some former soul-loss, as light, and it’s now been returned and incorporated back into you.

This is reasonably archetypal for shamanic healing, and this is a Middle World event (the Middle World is this world, and also its various energetic realms, and yes, it’s entered through various portals in the way you describe) – it’s also the one taught last because there’s more potential for energy in it to affect our lives, for better or worse.

That so many spirits told you to do this however indicates to me that this wasn’t just a minor soul fragment, it could represent some pretty big even from your past (now) or past lives, which affected you.

The gematria thing that happened, and your general progress, indicates innate ability, and that the spirits wanted you to recover this energy is interesting.

Please remember the Three-World concept is not some fucky little limitation, it’s the observation of probably millions of practitioners across human history, distilled into different locations and initially noted by anthropologists.

And there are far more than just 3 realms, but that classification is used for general purposes relative to the distinct plane normal consciousness is on at the start of learning to project into spiritual worlds, namely the perceived ground which you have to go “under,” and at the “top,” the membrane which you have to go “up, through.”

Healing, and psychopomp work, are Middle World, and the spirits are showing you that after you completed the Lower and Upper World basic journeys. :+1:


Hist said something weird.

He said I needed to run into the darkness.

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Light soul, Dark soul maybe?

Or simply experience the light within you by going to somewhere you will see it shine.

No clue. I thought the light was something else. The darkness could be anything.

But I’m looking at it from the basis of shadow work. I’ve repressed light, and I have done the same with darkness.

Anywho. Gematria? You mean the 200/14 thing?

That’s fine, you can take it as metaphots, or genuine spirits and realms you go to, people have success with all kinds of models. I think you’re good to just go with the flow, a lot of things will be symbolic and seem a bit bizarre of surreal, because the form spirits & energies take in this paradigm is a method of communicating qualities.

Yes, that was beyond coincidental.

What does it mean?

If you mean the gematria, he’s known to have 200 legions, he told you 14, then when you encountered him using journeying he revealed it was 200, divide 200 by 14 and you get 14.28, aka 14 + 2 x 14, so he was using that to say that both experiences were the same spirit.

The other stuff, there’s not always a meaning we can clearly describe, things just happen, it can get pretty random and weird but there is always a reason.

Take COPIOUS notes, and later on the reasons things appeared as they did may become clear. But just go with the flow, for now, you seem to have a good ally and spirits seem to be interested in you.


Simply the randomness of it, may be nothing at all. I tend to be careful/over-analytical by nature, so its just my two cents. Keep up your path, just take a step back every now and then to examine things.

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Okay :))

Metathots? Sounds like too much dopamine to me.

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