I found an old sculpture of Anubis [ Sculptures and Gods ]

I found an old Sculpture of Anubis during cleaning today. He was so dusty, how the time passes above Him, but I still can remember the day when I got Him (and that little story what made my soul sister freaked out, so she can’t stand this sculpture anyway).

My ex boyfriend (from JoS) wanted to give me it, because he knew that I like Anubis. I was very happy, and I put Him on the top of my shelf, then we are all leaved the house because we planned a group shopping at that day.

I closed my door.

When we got back, I moved into my room faster than anyone, because I want to change my clothing, but when I opened my door…

The sculpture of Anubis is stood of the middle of my room, and “stared at me”.
I was shocked (how the hell did he came down from my shelf!?), but I didn’t told it to anyone, I just pick Him up then back.

After long months, I broke my silence about this experience, and I told it to my ex, and he was very angry because I keep it in myself. It was…suspicious somehow.

(He was the boy who wanted curse me with his group later, but after a final warning, I beat-off his curse and killed his father and mother.)

Now, He have a new place:

Have you sculpture(s) of Gods?
Stories about Them?
Share with Us!


Anubis is one of my favorite Gods. He’s very loyal and friendly, yet extremely powerful. He appeared to me in a high tech/alien form, not the traditional image. Surrounded by complete darkness and thin white smoke. Similar to this :

I was asking about some things and he showed up, provided visions to answer my questions. This is the first time I experienced him.

And he was probably the first Ancient egyptian God I encountered. Later I started to communicate with the rest, Amun, Isis, Horus, Hathor, Seth etc

After long journey with many different spirits, I only work with them now. Wonderful deities :slight_smile:


(click to enlarge)


I had the same statue @A_Pariah has, I think. It’s just like @Nagash ‘s, but without the gold. When I bought it from the kiosk in the mall, the store owner said it actually came from Egypt, although Idk if that’s true or not. It felt like it was actually carved from stone, not that cold-cast resin stuff that many statues are, nowadays. Has a good weight to it. I gave it to my cousin, because I felt a presence from it that scared me. (Like it was alive & watching me.) I think now that it was just a dark feeling, not necessarily ominous. Is that how Anubis’ presence feels? It was a very serious feeling.

Same here, I’ve felt drawn to him from a very young age.

Cool! Is that image from one of The Mummy movies?


Mine is actually made out of wood but it has a heavy filling inside of it. It’s sadly incomplete but I couldn’t resist (only two bucks, yo).


Glad you feel the same about him. Amazing deity :slight_smile:

I believe the image is a 3D artwork found online, couldn’t find information about the artist. I don’t think it’s from a movie. It looks similar to the style of “Gods of Egypt” but I’m sure it predates that movie.

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Holy crap, really? I don’t remember how much I paid for mine, but I do remember I haggled with the guy & got the price down a little. I actually was wondering if that’s why I felt a presence from the statue, lol. :smile: I was worried I might have offended Anubis by doing that.


It was a flea market catch, I bought it alongside some LPs and a candle holder. Guess the poor little thing would have landed into a trash can, otherwise. Now it resides with me and is lovely.

Indeed. :slight_smile:

Oooh, I haven’t seen that, yet. Is it any good?

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It depends if you like video games or not :grin: It’s basically an expensive video game that you can only watch without playing. Looks really cool but the story and acting, more of a parody of a good movie they didn’t make for some reason.

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Darn, that’s what I’ve heard. The plot also sounded odd.

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Yes exactly. It would be really entertaining if you watch it as a comedy. You’ll enjoy it !

The last “Mummy” movie was good one. Not much of ancient egypt but it was well done. The actress who played the evil Goddess was amazing. I think it’s the best “Mummy” movie yet.

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:joy: Ok, now I have to see it.

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I’m sorry I have to read this. In my case, even when my statue started moving around my room sometimes, I did not felt any kind of bothering or frightening feelings caused by the statue, or in the near of it’s presence. I felt some kind of energies flown out of it, which is touched my very heart and entity, but I was always able to easily merging with these, so these energies are became my part from that point, day by day. (Like the water and the blood).

I have to agree with you, @PrinceX , @IrisAthena , He is a wonderful God. :black_heart:


Welp, settle back and hear the saga of me and getting a statue of Set(h).

In 2016 i was advised that an idol was the best way for me to work with him so i found one i liked and ordered it.

The order was cancelled on my end, bit strange but i ordered it again and the samething happend, and after the third attempt the owner of the website send me a email asking me to cease and desist until i made up my mind whether or not i really wanted it.

So i tried another site and this time it went through, i got it a few days later but it wasn’t the sculpture, it was a black obelisk…So I sent it back and then a few days later the postman brought it back to me. :unamused:

At that point feeling a little frustrated i threw my hands up and asked. “Is this want you want me to use? Gimme a clue here!” :angry:

Three days later i was having lunch with my sister (who’s absolutely not into magick and only the most timid forms of spirituality) out of the blue she says " I saw this the other day and really thought you’d like it."


Uhh, ok that will works, i’ve since sanded off the hieroglyphics on the base and painted the eyes red, it’s also now completely covered in blood, beer and seman, but that’s a different story.


:joy: Lmao, you weren’t taking the hint.


First off, awesome story. That’s just epic as hell.

I use statues for a lot of things. From gods to servitors. Idol magick is very old and very powerful. Lots of history of blood and sweat poured into them = power. Any of the ones that depict a god are actually possessed (in my case at least. I call the spirit into the statue (not by force) to possess it.) With that being said let the showcase begin.

Note: The camera won’t work at my altar. At all. So i took at as a you’re not taking a picture of the altar sign. But i was able to do it away from the altar.

Anubis, he has a possessed fetish necklace but im wearing it.



Sumerian Lilith


Draconic Lucifer, with his sigil necklace which happens to also be possessed.

Mother Hekate with her necklace.


Ganesha and Shiva.


Lilith pretty much said no. Lol.

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I’m having statues of Aphrodite and Hekate delivered. I have this corner bookshelf and each level will be a different entity with associated items (roses, etc). sort of like an altar but I won’t be preforming on the bookshelf itself.

I’ll just remove the statue and place it on an altar.