I Finished Binding the 72 of the Ars Goetia!

Congratulations @Anziel_Merkaba
Well done.
The candles lit picture is very intense but a pleasant feeling.
The ring picture seems to complete a circle, gives me the impression of that energy being internalized for your purposes.
Awesome work.
Looking forward to your next project, if you choose and are allowed to share.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us and inspiring those who have similar paths.


I can’t say enough how much I admire your dedication to this working. Seriously, congratulations.


Thanks man.

Yeah, the ring is stable now. It’s still a deep well though.

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Good job dude, good job seriously.


@anon40900405 Thank you man.

Also, I won’t say exactly what I’m going to be doing next, but I’ll give you all a hint.

Have you ever done the Headless Rite? There’s a whole bit where you visualize yourself outside of The All looking inwards, while still having a presence within The All.


One day later, I feel pretty good. It feels energetically dense in my apartment, but besides that all seem relatively normal.


I’m so proud of you, for your dedication and determination to complete this. Great job on not letting the nay-sayers - who think they know everything or better than you - get to you. Each person’s magickal journey is different. The 72 did how they felt right for you.

Way to go!

I look forward to following you on your journey.

Good luck.


Nichole, with all due respect, it is not your place to tell someone that they will “never bind them with a ring.” I followed the entire journey from the beginning. The ring was just used as a conduit of energy, as Mani said. Aquas also stated that at the beginning of his thread.

Every person’s magickal journey is different. The 72 do no work like an assembly line, with every person, the same exact way. They will work how they see fit, with each individual. Everyone has their own lessons to learn.

Have a good day.


@Anziel_Merkaba as I said to you privately, I doubt that 72 goetia entities would let themselves be binded, commanded or even less, kneel before you or anyone.
They are not pokemon to collect.

I am saying this here because I think it is important for the rest of the people who read the forum not to misunderstand these operations.

So with that having been taken into consideration, your work has shown great persistence, bravery, strong will and it is a great way of presenting yourself to them, so that they can acknowledge you magically and guide you further in the path you want to go.

To me, this has been like a way of "knocking on their door " so that they can have a good impression about you and get the interest to support you and teach you on a longer term and mote advanced level. I would recommend you, Aquas, to go that way, as I did tell you privately.

But people please remember that entities exist, and they are not animals to collect. Do not take their help for granted, and be respectful and polite with your language. Magic is not about fighting for the biggest ego.

Thank you for reading me all.


It’s relatively common in long-term pacts for the spirit to submit to binding, giving you a word or phrase which they MUST comply with fully, when used in a command.

In some pacts this is given freely as part of the overall program you’re going to work on, other times the spirit will ask someone of equal value from you. Like all pacts with spirits, it’s down to negotiating terms, and the “art of the deal.”

Obviously the emphasis is on the mage not to abuse this for petty reasons, so in one sense it acts as a sanity check within the pact, for that spirit.

And the key concept of modern evocation as opposed to grimoire style is that the divinity already exists within the magician (an idea taken from eastern religions, where the divine is part of everything, and not a Creator outside of things) and therefore, has the right to command spirits as he stands, without using godnames or threats of angelic retribution:

So, I don’t personally see why this is different, and why invocation of omnipotence wouldn’t grant the same abilities to bind spirits.


Why would they do that?
According to ea, a spirit only uses a small portion of its power to help you when evoke them. Does that mean a magician can use them to their full power through that?

Because they want something from the pact. You’d need to ask what’s going on when it comes up for you though, because each spirit’s reasons in each context are going to differ.


Exactly, so imo it is never full obeying from their part. There is a deal, and the commander must comply too.

I think the word here shouldn’t be “command” but “communicate/work with”.

I never agreed with the whole “I am a human therefore I can command spirits and be powerful”.

If we are that powerful, why ask for pacts then? We could do all by ourselves.
If I can go fishing and get the best fish, I don’t command anyone to do that for me.

But I guess this depends on the path one walks on…


I agree with everything you said. Have the same view on it. :+1:


How do it get the Ring, from which site or store can I get this Ring, What is the price:

Might it be Lapis Lazuli? It isn´t known as the Wizard´s Stone for nothing.

You forgot the 4th variety:

Did someone say ¨Rabbit hole? On your mark, get set, GO!¨

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Funny you should say that. As I scroll through this, just looking at Zepar´s sigil did that to me.


The energies of the ring in the last picture seemed to settle into an adamantine format for me; Unstoppable Force/Immovable Object simultaneously. It is quite a mind job to sense that artifact. Most excellent work.

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