I finally did it! (This is a long read)

I finally was able to astral project through my dreams today and have progressed well in my meditations in visualizations.

First of all, Ave Lucifer! Thank you for your assistance and guidance on my path!

Now onto my experience. Last night, I just said fuck it on trying to figure out how to get my 3rd eye open.

I’ve spent several weeks scouring through the multiple sites of tutorials on how to get the 3rd eye open and for working on visualizations in evocations. I found something that worked for me utilizing Power Meditation that was simple and tier based for proficiencies in these techniques.

I sat down, went into a trance, worked on spinning my chakras and getting them aligned; Which was a total pain in the ass at first.

My creative side of my brain was atrophied bad. Working a 2nd/3rd shift job will make you a zombie that way, and I found it very hard to focus on manifesting anything visual at all.

But I kept at it during my meditations, it made my head hurt like hell, but I knew that if I was going to break myself in I needed to keep going.

It got easier after the 3rd time I sat down and focused on my chakras. Finally getting to see the points, keeping them balanced, and flowing in the right direction.

I kept hearing a voice in me going “Look at you! You’re doing it! Fucking Aye!” It felt good having that support while I was attempting this.

Then I changed gears and began to visualize a pyramid in front of me. I imagined my arms stretch out and grab the pyramid and just started fucking around with it. I changed its size, spun it around, tossed it from one hand to another.

The voice kept giving me signs of encouragement, and to be honest, I felt like I was in preschool all over again. LOL

Then out of the blue, I felt it open up. I literally could see my 3rd eye open while playing around with the pyramid. Like a newborn opening their eyes for the first time, I could see the haze of the veil in front of me.

It was hard to focus on but I didn’t push it, I just wanted my eye to just look and move around. Getting use to the feeling it gave me and memorizing the sense to become familiar to me.

After a few minutes, I decided to end my meditation. Mainly, because the front of my skull was pulsating to the point of triggering a migraine. I came too, letting the energy just wash over me like a tide, taking it all in.

I gathered myself up, and went to bed too get some sleep.

The first dream I had, I was sitting on a couch in a room full of people I had never seen before. My head still hurting from earlier, I felt weak in this state. A woman in a red dress was talking in front of me and looked over at me. Smiling she said “Hey it’s that guy who can make awesome tenderloins!”

Which from everyone here in the mundane whom have tried and can attest too. I can make some pretty fire ass tenderloin sandwiches.

I quickly smiled and played the shy guy role. Everything in this room looked as real as being awake. Faces were hard to focus on at the time and the room was dimly lit and smoky like your typical cliche bar lounge.

A few minutes had passed in this room and then all of the sudden, I felt dizzy. My headache had turned into a migraine in dream. I lost all control of my body, falling off of the couch, and landed on the floor in the fetal position. Everything became blurry, spinning like I was about to get sick, then my vision started to fade to darkness.

I had awakened in bed, only sleeping for maybe 2 hours, feeling like I had slept for 12.

My headache was gone, and I was feeling very energetic. I spent the remainder of the night in my living room.

Later on that day, I had layed back down to bed to get some sleep before work and it happened again. This time I had not even done anything to even try to invoke a lucid dream.

I remember coming too, sitting in a classroom, other students in the room looked familiar from when I was younger; busy talking to be able to focus on one conversation at a time.

The teacher in the room was going through a bag that had spilled papers on the floor surrounding it. I went over to help pick up the papers and noticed it was things that had belonged to me at one point or another in my past.

Character sheets from when I did role playing games, letters that I had written before, all were familiar to me. The teacher was piling them up and was getting ready to throw them all away. I quickly stopped her and said “Please, let me keep the character sheets at least”.

She looked very beautiful in a black office dress with jet black hair and brown eyes. Yes, I’m a horn dog and I find women to be something to be admired, especially if their hot as hell.

She quickly smiled and rolled her eyes, as I’m pretty sure she could read my thoughts going on at the moment. Handing me the papers I had asked for and walking out of the classroom with what she had gathered.

Here’s where shit starts getting weird.

Just as the woman left the room. My surroundings quickly changed. Almost instantly I found myself standing behind a counter looking down a hallway that turned to the right.

The hallway itself remotely resembled that of a convenience store. The air was very still, no noise whatsoever. I began to notice clouds resembling that in what you would see in an industrial cooler slowly rolling in the air.

My body was stuck to where I stood but I was still able to move my head around. I began to feel nervousness as I could begin to see my own breath in the air. I called out for Lucifer in my head as sort of a knee jerk reaction to what was going on. Then all of the sudden. BAM! The end of the hall instantly went dark along with the sound of a deafening noise that sounded exactly like the noise the “Hypno Toad” from Futurama made.

It startled the shit out of me as I stood there looking at the end of the hallway only to see a strobe light effect begin to happen through the darkness that lurked around the corner.

I thought to myself “What the fuck is going on here!” Only to be quickly pulled by an invisible force from behind immediately after thinking that.

I began flying through a tunnel of kaleidoscopic light of purple hues and a brilliance of a core of pure calming silence for what seemed to be a few minutes of traveling towards its epicenter.

While flying through the tunnel, the calm silence was interrupted by the sound of an older telephone ringing. Which in itself was odd, but not as bad as where I was just previously at.

I was then laying down in a bed in a bedroom that I was unfamiliar with. It had looked well lived in with clutter here and there throughout the room. Then I saw my wife come into the room and quickly jumped into bed with me.

My first thought that ran through my mind was that this wasn’t my wife because she’s not yet capable or even has knowledge to be where I was at. I put my hand on her face, slightly holding where her chin was at and her face began to mush like puddy.

She did not seemed alarmed by my actions but just sat there to confirm my suspicions. An idea popped into my mind of picturing another woman’s face.

The woman in the bed sat back and slowly took her shirt off. While doing so she changed into that in which I had pictured in my mind.

I assumed that she was succubi only because if she were a doppelgänger, I would be in a threatened position, but I did not felt that.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my wife dearly and I would never cheat on her in the mundane world; but I know that giving my seed to a succubus will only bolster the size of Hell’s legion, and I’m all about that.

So after the succubus and I finished having sex. I got up and left the bedroom.

The rest of the house I was walking through looked just as well lived as the bedroom I was in. I continued going from room to room just observing everything that was laying about, until I came full circle to where I had just started in the house.

I realized I was in a loop and stopped where I stood. I turned around and saw a living room in the same condition as the rest of the house. A couch was sitting in the middle of the room facing an entertainment stand with a small t.v. sitting on top.

An elderly man then appeared to walk from around the corner. He appeared to be in his late 60’s to early 70’s. Wearing a blue flannel shirt and blue jeans. His hair was straight, white and parted on the side and he wore thick rimmed glasses.

As he was walking towards the couch he was muttering to himself about “God damn fake gods” and something about “history”; it was hard to make out but those parts stood out the most. He turned and looked at me and said “The master would prefer you be dressed from head to toe.” As he pointed towards my feet. As I assumed I was naked from my previous encounter, I was surprisingly not ashamed of just stand in the middle of this man’s living room.

He then walked over and sat down on the couch, kicked his feet up, and began to watch the tv.

Since he had mentioned history. I felt compelled to ask if he was a historian of sorts. I asked him that, only to have him ignore me and continued watching the tv.

I walked up to him and kneeled down by him, looking him at his face. I asked again if he was a historian. He turned and looked at me and said “Yes, I am.” and continued with “You want to be in the books of history? All you have to do is put yourself on the page.”

And with that the dream ended.

Ave Lucifer! He who guides and protects me, shows me the path in which I seek.
Dark blessings I give to you all
So mote it shall be.


Thanks for sharing, sounds pretty trippy.


That’s pretty intense. Thanks for this


Congratufuckinglations! Well done my man!


Wonderful :+1:

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