I finally did it; journey 15 or so

So tonight I called on two different entities Amy and king belial

I had along convo with each and joked badly as well but it’s all good
I talked to Amy first singing to both sigils to charge them I guess
With Amy she was great I asked her to assist with my writing and creative skills and she agreed she asked me to write her something scary basically never wrote a scary anything so it’s new but she was great to talk to very helpful with answering my questions and her energy was actually pretty much mild and I felt very calm and cared for she was just wonderful

After that I called on belial it took me a long time cause I needed to know what I was going to ask him for so I called him
I used blue and yellowish white candles and one purple…seven in all with two franken seance insence as soon as I lite the candles he came I still called on him and did his enn just to make sure
His energy was very strong but bearable made me feel like I was sitting in waves
I asked a lot of him like alot I asked for my fiancee to bee a better him and help with a long list of things he agreed and we talked I told him I wanted to build a relationship with him and keep him in my life to help me asend to where I need to be he was very helpful and kind he answered all of my questions and gave me clarity of things he was very wonderful. To talk to actually

Weird thing is after I left out of my room I got intensely cold…I never had that happen. Before but I’m very excited to work with them and can’t wait to see what happens in the coming weeks


Thanks for sharing the experience. I’m glad to hear that you talked to Amy. That’s interesting about asking you to write something scary. It’s slightly different than what she asked me to do, but it makes sense. I get the impression that she would ask whatever it is that would help us grow the most.

For me, since I talked to her about writing and business, she was more challenging me to immediately start whatever she would open the door for.

I agree on her presence. It’s very gentle but distinct. I don’t know how to describe it exactly other than maybe it’s like having a nice aunt (not a parental vibe so much) who wants you to be successful and brings you candy, but she wants to make sure you are putting in the effort cos she knows it’ll make you happy.

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Yeah I get that she was very sweet to say the least she also had informed me to call on belial in which I did thank you for introducing me to her I really can’t wait to see what happens next

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