I felt nothing when I did an Angel ritual, perhaps need to change with Goetia demons but I think it's dangerous

Many people here told me I should buy a book and start reading so I did. I bought Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand kindle version on Amazon. I read that if I gaze at the Archangel’s name and say their names 3x I will gonna sense them… I sense NOTHING. I was expecting to sense them I even want to see them on my own eyes a human form with wings. But to feel them is fine for a start yet nothing… I’m not lusting for a result i want to feel the presence.

When my first time tried to contact Paimon the first time I was doing supernatural stuff, by chanting his enn and when i was sleeping I felt his presence, woke me up still feeling his presence that time…
But the Angels nothing at all…

Sometimes you just won’t feel the presence of a spirit. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t. It can vary depending on the spirit. Some have really powerful ones, some have ones that be very hard to notice. As long as you did everything else right, it’s best to assume that the spirit did hear you and will answer your request.


Not feeling a presence is often times on your own senses needing to be developed. However, one form of practice is constantly working with them which slowly but surely(?) helps your senses.


The book itself tells you that you may feel nothing at all, and that it’s fine.

It expounds on this very point.

Check out page 260 for instance.


Did you get your material result though?

Very rarely will you sense anything at all, especially if that was your only purpose in using the seals. I tend to feel nothing from any of the Gallery of Magick stuff…but i get results.


Spirits vary, the question is, where do you feel best at?

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Thank you guys for the answers… I dont know if the spell work yet, because I sent a angel to another person to guide her.