I feeling my spiritual connection with the a spirit is lost

I’ve been getting help from a god for a while, and yesterday I included another god in a part of the same job by doing a ritual. After doing this, I can’t feel my spiritual connection with the first god, I can’t feel his energy, and almost I can’t communicate. I don’t know if this is temporary or permanent, should I apologize and give an offer ? Or should I just leave him alone and never contact him again ?

I thoughting there was no problem between the two, I can say you details who they are in PM.

Its most likely temporary usually when you start with a new deity you are emersing into there energy and forming your connection. So other deities usually take a back seat they’re keeping an eye but are letting the new connection form. So i wouldn’t be to worried about it.

Unless they dont get along in there mythos. Then I’d keep there workings seperate from each other. That includes different altar spaces and working areas.


You just got used to its energy.


I wouldn’t worry too much. Do a cleansing of yourself and your space. Call your god, meditate with them, form a stronger connection, or improve your senses.

Who knows, maybe working with another diety just overloaded you a little and made you somewhat numb. I’d say in this case, it’s temporary.

I highly doubt what you’re dealing with is permanent.

If you’re really worried, you can speak with your god and ask for help. If you’re having trouble receiving a response as you normally do, use some form of divination (pendulum, tarot, runes, etc)