I feel weird

i know this sounds weird and it could all be random but i don’t believe in coincidences and i think i’ve stated that on here before lol

last night i did a full moon ritual (bath cleanse, burn to release, what i want to be replaced with what was released) and then today i decided to do another ritual for a purpose that i can not say right now but, nothing extreme or crazy lol but ever since then, i’ve started to feel weird like my chest got heavy and i just felt off? i can’t really explain the off feeling. i did my ritual in my house, NO demons involved, just plain ol back to basics magic btw. the off isn’t a bad feeling but i just feel light and airy almost. its really hard to explain but its like my body is lighter and like, i’m so airy that my actual air feels a bit thicker. i’m trying to explain it the best that i can but its a hard feeling to explain lol

about two hours later i started getting these really weird pains on the left side of my body like i just felt extremely sore and then the feeling of being off came back along with the heaviness in my chest. i currently still feel this way and my head hurts in a way that it’s uncomfortable to have my eyes open.

although physically i’m feeling very strange- my emotions and my mentality are extremely positive! not in a way like ‘i want this so bad i cant wait for it to happen’ but in a way like ‘i’m letting go of everything, i need to disconnect and just focus on the present and in time, my magic will manifest’ i just feel free? and relaxed? and like i’m letting go??

this is extremely weird for me because i’ve never felt this way after magic. i’m a worrier and i always stress and lust for results.

am i experiencing a breakthrough of some sort? i’m asking for opinions and if anyone else has experienced like this, please let me know!

another topic that no one has cared to reply to lol :slight_smile:

I don’t know why the pains happened but usually feeling optimistic after is a good sign of success.

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It’s hard to stand out, and usually people with letter avatars (apart from Uncle-Al) are new and posting stuff that is basically just asking for free work. :thinking:

thank you but i’m just not going to make posts about my experiences. i started off as a lurker and i thought making an account would help me feel more included but its okay lol… i’m better off lurking and keeping notes to myself.

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Aw don’t give up on us just yet, you have TL3 now and have the Lounge as well. :+1:

To me, it seems that you’ve ‘reset’ your vibe, but the rest of your home is still on the previous vibe you were on. That’s why it feels heavy in comparison.

I think doing a good cleaning, and either smudging or energetic banishing will reset EVERYTHING instead of just yourself, so you wont notice the disparity as much


i did cleanse my house after!! maybe i’ll try a different method! thank you

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Hmmm… I thought the discomfort felt had to do with an imbalance between self and environment.

I know you cleansed, but have you checked out your energy systems? Not just the chakras, but the ‘highways’ between them and the rest of your body? Perhaps a blockage or damage kept part of the old energy escaping and caused pain?

no i haven’t! i’ll look into that, thank you! since that night, i’ve been feeling fine no more pressure or anything but things are starting to happen with my magic in a good way i believe so this is all just very interesting to me

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I had a point where I was consistently tired and sore. Started hurting a little bit, and after having things checked out, it came from ~too much energy. I absorbed so much, and held it, to where it ‘jammed up’ the energetic highways. I could force energy out and away, but it was difficult to receive or notice anything coming in, if that makes sense

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it does make sense! thank you, i feel as if this could be my problem

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