I feel more negative towards target

This person is really really fucking me off

Since I did the king paimon ritual to ask him to apologise and punish him till he does

My energy has changed towards this person from an I feel sorry for you but you’re winding me up now and need dealing with vibe

To a you really fuck me off and I want you to suffer

Bc I know this isn’t me… I’m way too forgiving and gentle to usually have any real hate inside me towards someone and usually I’m reasoning it out, yeah they’ve been a prick but people are pricks bc they’re hurting let’s be all compassionate and hippy about it

Is this energy change a side effect of working with a darker energy?

Hate is rather useful for curses. You can ground yourself to control your emotions. The effects of curses to me are more like empowerment of physical strength and spiritual strength.

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Yeah I mean I feel more confident but just don’t have any compassion in me for their games

I want them dealt with :joy:

And I’m an airy fairy hippy soul usually

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Lol I understand. You can do a simple bind with red thread and just leave it.