I feel like an ancient sorcerer during the evocation of tul

Evocation of tull-love spirit of the kingdoms of flames
I draw his sigil lighted jasmine incense lighted a white candle and begun to vibrate


I asked personal and private questions and then he said:

I am the force of love personified from the source to the void, I am the ancient love personified I was called in the sumerian and babalon temples as “tulluarg”

Then I asked him to enpower my senses
And I got an headache
Then he said an incantation in a tongue not angelic, not alien not demonic not spiritual but he said this is an incantation to call him in sumerian

“ishgurglalla enzmangalla larrgurishl tulluarg, tul argallu antmangalla”

Damn I feel like an ancient sorcerer


That’s wicked cool, man

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Thank you man

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There’s no way to confirm that this incantation is actually Sumerian, beyond the word of the spirit so verification is impossible (as well as translation, in case someone asks).

Sumerian was a cuneiform language, meaning its written form was made up of pictographs, not an alphabet as most modern languages are, so not even the experts are sure of how anything was actually pronounced.

Did Tul provide a phonetic breakdown for pronunciation?

Have you tested the incantation out as a summoning tool? If so, what was your experience, @Xag_darklight?


Sadly no he did not give me an phonetic breakdown, I just Channeled it, it aslo looks similar as the summoning chants from vk jehannum


Okay, so you haven’t used it yourself yet.

Guess someone will just have to give it a whirl to see if there is a specific pronunciation or if any pronunciation works :slight_smile:

I don’t currently have a need for Tul’s services, but perhaps a Q & A might be interesting :thinking:

Thank you for answering my question!


I may channel him another time, because I got interested too
And extra wisdom is usable too :wink:


Sounds very melodic and pleasent

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happy birthday :slight_smile:

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That’s true, happy Birthday @Xag_darklight

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Thank you very much guys! Love you all!

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