I feel happier and content

Hello everybody

For the past few days or so , I have been feeling a type of joy that I can’t explain. I invoked King Paimon and King Belial almost like a week ago .All I want is for my divorce to finalize and my ex to give me whatever I ask for without causing too much drama .He’s already caused too much pain in my life and also the kids life.Although everyday is super tough living at my parents house, I have this feeling that my life is back on track and am out living the dream with my children.
But for some reason once I see my ungrateful brother am filled with so much rage and hatred.
All will be well.I believe so .


Yes it will, things will definitley be well. Put that energy and intent out into the universe, and own what you deserve…which is happiness and freedom. Hang in there. :bouquet:

I gould just sugest you don’t focus on the ungrateful attitide of your brother just fill yourself of more joy because you are grateful

I think happiness is always looking at us just beside us and we just need to recognice happiness and it will stay forever

people who thinks they need this and that to be happy are taking a long road to nowhere

if you have found happiness just recognice it it can never leave once you face it

because noone needs anything to be happy just themselves

Thanks.That makes so much sense

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Thanks a lot @QueenMustang

Check up on your brother, people carry ocean depths of silent problems…

No .He’s just a spoilt ungrateful little brat .If you see my past topics, I’ve explained how I literally went from riches to rags . My ex husband and I were very rich until he decided to start sleeping with kids .After I decided to report him, he basically started hunting me down sending thugs after me .Paying cops to harass me and arrest me.My children and I live in fear because we never know who’s after us .He took everything away from me. For almost 3 years we’ve been surviving on the savings I had kept away from him . Working is very hard because it exposes me . My brother used to live with me (hes 28 btw ) I took this brat to the best schools, best private university that I later learnt he wasn’t even attending. I was forced to move in with my parents and so was he .But now because I can’t provide the luxuries anymore, my brother constantly calls me names, calls me stupid and even to the extent of hitting my kids . I found him hitting my kid and we had to physically fight .The things this boy was saying to me were unbelievable.So that’s why am filled with so much rage. I thought of hexing him and calling on Haures and maybe get him into an accident that’ll leave him paralyzed and helpless but I thought to myself,The best thing to do is to focus all my energy on my ex husband so he can just agree to the divorce and leave us alone.My children are very miserable here and I just want there lives to be back to normal…
my ex husband is a very high profile person, so news of him being a pedofile would be terrible for his reputation and that’s pretty much why he wants me gone.


I posted this a while ago maybe it can help you in your situation

Okay now I understand that situation, that’s a heavy toll. Your brother is indeed a burden, to how he heavily impacted you and your family’s life, including jeopardising financial aspects —l probably would’ve just bashed him by now if my brother did this. lol .

In seriousness, hope all goes well for you. I am glad you feel steady and more happy, you’ve come a long way, there’s only better future from here.