I feel confused

I asked from Prince Sitri to make my ex fall in love with me using the devi spring triangle petition approach, I repeated the ritual three times, using her blood in a piece of my underwar ( that I kepts while having sex during her periods ) and her photo a loadstone and Prince Sitri’s Sigil, in which i give a lot of offerings ( blood, and sexual fluid) treating this entity as a god, I was disappointed that after 2 weeks I still didn’t get result, conseuently I decided to look over other perspectives, not because Prince Sitri isn’t powerfull enough it’s because his office is to creat lust desire and perhaps my ex already feel it, but to make her back I should focus on another portion of the puzzle, I felt a deep connection with Duke Sallos recently, and I engrave his Sigil ( with the best I can ) in my silver pentagram amulet ( on the back side ), and concentrate my meditation as a will of devotion to a powerful entity , seeking his help through visualisation.
perhaps I didn’t get true magic weapons, even the candles i used to paint them since there is no red candles in my environment shops but still, I’m now ready or at least, better then last time. Thus I want to make the same work with the duke Sallos.
another thing worth mentioning is that sallos is a duke referred to Venus( copper) ( green candles), but in other sources I found that he is linked to moon ( silver ) ( red candles) and I’m confused, another thing is that i don’t know if i should let the sigil inside the triangle after the devi spring ritual or should I keep him in a safe place, ( I let the sigil always on the triangle cause i’ve read somewhere that it’s good to put the sigil in the same place with your target and as a matter of fact he is above the loadstone which is directly in touch with the piece of my underware ( for her blood ) and her photo as well.
So I need your ideas and I’m sorry for my bad english

Getting an ex to come back is commonly believed to be one of the hardest magickal actions.

There is a thread of “Get my ex back spells” that actually worked for people linked, below, and meanwhile, summon the spirit again and ask what has happened.

This is what E.A. described doing when a result he wanted didn’t manifest:

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A good method I found ( accidently) is to form some kind of link using an item related to them.
A while back, I broke up with a girl but she found she couldnt move on.
About a month goes by and I, while clearing out my desk, find an old letter she gave me. Id left it in with my notes and other magic stuff. There was a very strong aura around the letter so I guessed that it might be related to her being unable to move on.
Long story short, I burnt the letter and suddenly she was fine.

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Of course, one problem may be that you need to keep doing Magick to keep your ex. That can get tiresome.


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I will keep doing magick anyway, but I will keep faith on Duke Sallos, maybe he will hear my prayer cause i felt his presence, Usualy what I do is I smoke some weed, and then put the sigil inside the triangle mentionned in my post above, burn some incense and make the " left hand path sign " my eyes on the sigil and chanting the demonic enn, listening to some vibes of music with my ear phones in total privacy make me feel in a connection with the macrocosm ( or the big world of god , look for Aleister Crowley’s philosophy about magick ) and while i’m listening to the music chanting The Enn, i try to visualise how i want the petition be fulfiled , in this phase , I try to visualise several futur scenarios that will be the consequence of my petition. Just to tell you that I never had a successfull evocation of spirits, once or twice perhaps Goddess Bune helped me in a discret way but nothing material because I’ve passed two years reading books and never practiced, and Now I decided to put my knowledge into practice cause I really want to bring her back ( for my pride and Ego ), So what I think is that Goetic spirits are powerfull intelligences that can make marvelous things happen; the thing is why they will give us our help, we should worth it, thus , beyond being able to open a window through their world using sigils and triangles , it’s necessary to understand that magick is all about a state of mind, remind the hermetic principles talking about the all is mind and that the universe is mental beisdes as above so beyond, and on the name of the Law ( DO what thou wilt shall be the whole of law ) I decided to bring my ex back because I want it

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sorry again for my bad english, but still i need more ideas