I fall on the floor each time

I just want to know if anyone has ever gone through what I am about to explain.
I got a strong urge 3 days ago to start doing the ritual to remove parasite beings from Magickal Protection by Damon Brand. When I spoke the last name Bur-cam-ee-ah-zeh… I automatically fell on the floor and was in a daze. This happened again today. I felt like there was pressure in the room. I don’t have any health conditions period. It was just weird and I just hope the angels aren’t upset because I am also doing “Magickal attack” not at the same time…but earlier after sunset.

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I mean, fainting can occur regardless of pre-existing health conditions (keep in mind I am not a health professional by any means), so be sure to monitor what you’ve done, what you’ve eaten/drank, inhaled, etc. around the time it happens.

Otherwise, there’s a chance it could be from the overwhelming energy. It’s possible, but I’d say that there are definitely some things overlapping to cause such a reaction. Be sure you’re balancing and cleansing your own energy often, as well as grounding and centering


It means something is at work! I am working through The Master Protection Ritual 33days and am on the 15! When I started I got sick and flu out of the blue with a high fever… now its better! I still get headache directly after the ritual and pressure on my head if I am not sitting I get dizzy like the floor is spinning! I do it before lunch so I can eat after it immediately and it gets better!

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I am glad you are better, that is great. Matter of fact, I just finished the master protection ritual and it does work amazingly. I developed strange speech issues in 2017 and on my 3rd week of doing the ritual…those issues vanished and I was shocked because I thought it would only protect…but it healed as well. Awesome power.


Ok thanks.

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When I performed it, it did have an immense amount of energy. One of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in magick. Although I didn’t personally feel anything like dizziness, I felt strength instead, so like @victory said, just monitor your health. But It’s not entirely uncommon to hear about things like this happening to some people during rituals.

I also experienced something during and after it that you could almost say was healing magick, but the ritual has many uses other than protection. It also increases your magickal power, for example.