I evoked the 9 demonic kings

I felt compelled to evoke the 9 demonic kings last night i would say that it was successful as i performed the ritual in mu own way using hand gestures shown in the mastering evocation course by EA the ritual itself took me about 2 hours i have notes

Here are my notes with what happened with each demonic king

Bael comforting pressure on shoulders
Balam overwhelming disorientation. Sense of someone touching the top of my headand caressing my face
Vine: feeling someone grab my right shoulder. “Who are you that i should teach” response. " i see. I shall teach you"
Rapture state hits. Fading in and out of conscienceness
PURSON: HEAVIER DISORIENTATION. Saw a bison with giant horns 20 feet tall hairy
ZAGAN: Cold air and chill considering it was hot a glimpse of a viper like creature in my mind
Byleth: a sense of peace and calm followed by visions of a woman in 14th century bridal gown with a crown

BELIAL: NOT AS DISORIENTING BUT definately feel his power on my shoulders


I should not that where it says “response” is when i spoke to the demonic king and i will keep what i said to him private as this is my own journey

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Never share knowledge without their permission! It is meant for you and only you!



I’ve only ever invoked Bael and Belial and can attest to both of those feelings. Beal offers me a sense of calm and protection, and last night I knew Belial was with me instantly when I felt what seem like a very strong, clawed hand pressing into my shoulder. Not even remotely unbearable pain, but strong enough to know that Belial was there. Invoking all 9 at once must have been beyond intense. I’m impressed. Rock on.



It was insanely intense for my first attempt at evoking them all one right after another definately an energy draining process. And honestly today for some reason i have a sense like idgaf anymore about relationships with human women because of the ritual although i did do a ritual to lilith to receive a spirit lover but that is besides the point. The point is i have a overwhelming sense of confidence now thst i dont neccesarily need anyone and im on my way to greatness


Right on, man. Nothing wrong with giving yourself independence and liberty from things that make you feel less than you are worth.

Well its goint to be an interesting journey im glad that what i have experienced can be verified with someone elses input


I also feel his energy as very comforting, almost grandfatherly, a cool active grandfather who shares tales of his adventures in a different time and place. :thumbsup:

This is the seal he gave me, he defined its proportions:


@Lady_Eva he always has been comforting to me i could only maybe think of one time where i felt his anger which was unpleasant if i remember correctly