I dreamed that I lost my left eye

I looked up the meanings of losing a left eye and they all said that the left is the moon, right eye symbolizes the sun (which sounds like a bunch of Wiccan style BS — no offense) and that it means you are close minded on a subject…maybe I am but not knowing which subject I’m close minded about doesn’t help me fix that.

But the first thing I thought upon waking was about Odin losing his eye. There was a family member in my dream practicing magick who does not in real life and there were some other elements of me practicing in it too.

Anyone else have another possible explanation? Sorry to discuss dreams but some other opinions would really help me brainstorm meanings for myself.
Would love to hear spiritual insights from a Nordic perspective since losing an eye for Odin meant wisdom instead of being close minded (dream dictionaries).


Yup first thing that came to mind was Odin as well, only read the title.


Perhaps he is calling to you?


Same here. :smiley:

To be fair, the left = lunar = feminine stuff is taken originally afaik from the more verifiable and respected concept of the Ida & Pingala channels in Hindu metaphysics, which I have found to be largely legit:

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Very interesting. I had a dream over the weekend that I lost an eye also. It did not even occur to me to see it as an omen or invitation of any sort… I just did not like the dream. LOL.


In my dream I did not mind it at all. It did not disgust me and I almost took it as a badge of honor. I just accepted it the way it was. There was no violence associated with losing it - it just was. Which is why it is so odd to me.

My waking self finds the littlest things repulsive – but I acted completely opposite of how I expect I would if I had lost an eye in real life.

Which is the only reason I took it as something meaningful, maybe an omen.

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The fact that you brought the subject up after I had the dream is what drew my attention. I will look at that as an invitation.

Now that I think about it, there have been a lot of “coincidences” lately.

Change is in the air. I can smell it. :stuck_out_tongue:



Flow with the changing of the seasons.
I wish you luck!

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It can be a reference to Odin, like many others are suggesting, but…

…I’ve experienced a removal of my left eye as a part of my demonic transformation, which I clearly and thoroughly explained with this quote:

The left eye is, in many magical circles, connected to our souls and spirits and it’s also connected to wisdom and knowledge. And if you done your homework on Odin, his infite quest is to seek and gain knowledge and wisdom throughout his journey all over the world.


My guess was the same as everyone else’s–Odin is calling to you to teach you wisdom.

Have you done any other investigating with this? If I don’t understand something, oftentimes I will do a reading (usually runes for me) to try and get some perspective on it (but then, I like doing readings, so that’s why it is my go-to). Keep us posted!


The only reason why I’d say look at Odin is because he was the first thing you thought of when you woke up. For many, dreams are often made of personal metaphors. If I dream I lose my teeth, I know that’s my fears coming to the surface. I brush my teeth a lot, guess why. :-p

The first question I’d be asking myself is: why did Odin lose his eye? What’s the tale? Then I’d see how that applies to my life.

I’d also probably set the altar for him for a bit.


I haven’t been looking into it because mainly I forgot to but if it is Odin …then he’s really really trying to get my attention because of what happened last night:

getting into bed I pulled the blanket hard and a corner of it flew into my eye - left eye, same one from my dream…
it hurt sooo bad and for so long

my eye and eyesight is fine
but damn…if that’s not the freakiest “coincidence” / sign ever

also this morning I wanted to say some prayers but I didn’t know to who I should address them and the first name that came to mind was … Odin

I’m going to meditate, draw runes, pray, etc. to Odin and see what the hell he’s trying to talk to me about



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^ That’s a good point - there may be an a sacrifice of some thing in your life that you need to make, to acquire a skill or wisdom.