I draw a line today

I not going to continuing saving to custom build a desktop pc for developing photorealism gaming, so no more Unreal engine 4 for me the system requirement were going to be as this a intel i9 7980XE 18 core CPU, 1 Quadro GV100 gpu, 8 X 16 (128gigs) 3600 DDR4 rams, 2 TB ssd, my support worker from Angicare decided for me not a good idea, so i given up, on that, and go and stab them in the back and i went to purchase Asenath Masons new book knowing that Angicare forbidden me to purchase anymore grimoires, so its a way of say fuck you, Australian females are a mob of facist, i going to break the rules of Australia society and end up with a Succubus female lover, i wondering do succubus comes in a form and look like the way you like her to look a double for, like i explain there was this cute bab, that the arshole took away from me to for himself she use to think a world of me now she doesn’t give a shit, so im thinking i call on a succubus that just looks a double for her in every way, so i can make her very jealous and stir up a massive upheaval in the criminal community so like they would want to come and blow up my home and also really piss off the cops, for having a succubus lover so i can get spiteful.

A succubus will be a spiritual partner, If your ex cant see spirits how will she get utser and jelous?
All this points more to you not being over her and throwing yourself at new things to compensate. Get over her first then you can vmcontinue forward or else you will only be misserable and not progress at all.

Wouldn’t bother @Grimner.

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You are right, it would be a lot better for me i thank-you very much, that fire must be rather very warming he tends to leave ash where ever he goes.

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That’s f*cked up on so many levels… dude were you drunk when you wrote that?

You have to petition Lillith for a succubus. If your reasons are to get one temporarily for revenge instead of to love her, and to use the succubus for baneful reasons, she’s probably going to say no.

Ask for a succubus to have something good in your life, build a real relationship that can take your mind off the crap, and only drag her into the bullshit if she offers to help?


I want to echo @Mulberry. I think if you seek a succubus with this mindset the best outcome will be that Lilith just ignores you. I think it will probably be far worse if you actually get her attention.


KILLED ME :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Story of every PC gamer :smile: . Brother, I LOVE YOU :rofl:

You know how fucking expensive that Quadro GV100 is $15,000 so i can render in true photorealism if i use 2 Quadro GV100 in Sli. Jenson say the 2 gpus will communicate with each other.

Also i think that Jenson the one who is coming up with these gpus i think hes extra terrestrial.

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My photorealism gaming pc is back on, fuck Angicare im going to keep it a Colossal secret im naming my pc Hephaetus Genesis, a true Godlike pc that is capable of ascension with me, the component shall be.

1 X intel core i9 7980XE 18 core CPU

1 X Asus Rog Rampage Vl extreme LGA2066 E-ATX motherboard father board doesn’t exist yet.

2 X Leadtek Quadro GV100 GPU with Ray tracing technology.

1 X Leadtek PCIEx1 Quadro sync 2 Board (Pascal).

8 X Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 8 x16 128 GB 4000 MHz of DDR4 rams.

2 X samsung SSD 850 EVO 4TB 2.5" internal storage

1 X Seagate Barracuda pro 14TB internal 3.5" Hd

1 X RM1000i corsair ATX power supply.

2 X Dell 8K monitors.

1 X wired wifi Asus

1 X windows 10

1 X razer blackwidow mechanical key board

1 X Asus 3 button wire wireless mouse

1 X Asus mouse pad

1 X Epson ET7750 multi task printer

1 X 5.1 Logic pc speakers

1 X Nortans anti virus software

1 X microsoft office 2019

All comes to about $50,000

Plus when all get built and delivered im downloading the latest Unreal engine 4 for free
Then purchase anywhere upto $5,000 worth of assets. Do you know now the Quadro GV100 can play gaming as well as create photorealism AAA games as well as deap learning, and can communicate with each other, i always get emails from people from nexus forum my skyrim wont load, i Can’t load my mods ect, i worked out why, they are creating all those mods for Skyrim and Fullout 4 use gaming GPUs, gaming GPUs are not designed for creating mods and gaming GPUs will create never-ending glinches, and coarsing computers and gaming consults to freezing and crashes, i used my Clairaudiance, and did a scan of all those 5,000 Skyrim mods, another reason PlayStation 4 cannot use external game asset mods because all those numskulls are using wrong types of GPUs, all those mods are going to have to be dumped and all be redone, that is what happens when amateurs are creating mods.

Before i forget those components are what needed for modding game creation and cgu filming, i could completely remodel The hole of skyrim in photorealism 8K

That will be my father’s whole life’s D.A / pension. :grinning::grin::joy::rofl:

Not quite, when my old Lady and Father kicks the bucket with my share of the inheritance thats what i going to do, im not say anything to the old mother.

If you would like loggon to EPIC unreal engine 4 go to market place select environments, props just check it out.


Love me back too. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Check out the unreal engine 4 market place see what i mean need a good hour. I also been watching unreal engine 4 tutorial in landscaping, unreal engine 4 is very easy to use.

Hear is a sample, see what i mean why need a pc set up, like im talking about.

That is why i need such a beafie GPU and system, i haven’t made any pc purchases yet.

Lol, just went through EXACTLY THIS 2 VERY VIDEOS, fucking coincidence??!!. R u into designing ? professionally?
There is thick money in there , nowadays.

Just saying that when Notch made minecraft and Mojang started to really started to get momentum they were a group working on Minecraft to tweak that and implementera new stuff.
No matter how great computer you get how are you gonna make a game that what it seems like in your mind will rival big gaming studios that takes 100 of ppl and 100000 of manhours to make and do that work as one person.
One shall have ambition ofc but also connection to reallity.
The 50000 grand a computer would cost could finance the start of a gaming company and even market a smaller game that could set you up for life.

I heard gamer field doesnt make that much money salary vs if you were a Software Engineer for Amazon or Microsoft. Your thoughts?

I am utterly confused by this post.

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Well thats a little of a gamble i would say.
Depends on where you work and how valuable your work is and how you are rewarded.
For gaming small developer can succed Well If they make a good product and that can be a financial succes, Mojang is the most extrem case of a lucky break as even the developer there got a fair piece of the cake after it sold to Windows they are part of a bigger hierarchy and things are probobly harder and more regulated.
As a software engineere your work may be priced alot higher for an employe but chances that you will manage to get as lucky as some gamedeveloper is remote but then many gamedevelopers dont make it, a software engineere is allways needed so thats a safer card.
Then one should enjoybthe work one does ofc otherwise all the money in the world means nothing If you hate the life you are living.