I don't want to be a god or have god like power

When it comes natrually and you see things you dont want this I’m on this blog for discovering me not mamy people understand that this is not the end all the information I reveve I just receved I get some how I’m like a sponge and I just absorb everything with everyword given to me i was born this way . i did not create my gifts I was born to know all the info i keep…and grow and I guess iy now led me here before my awake I did not know these levils where real of heaven and help there is a war and this place we live in is only a stepping stone to where we are truly ment to be .


I’m sorry, but what is the point of this post? It is just a rambling jumble.


You’re not a God so you don’t have to worry about that :+1:


How do you know? You scanned her?

Interesting :thinking: let’s see where this goes :wink:

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Go to sleep


I thought you believed gods were a race. Is her true self a god or not?

Sleep it’s okay


Its only 7 pm no sleep

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why would i sleep?

I dont know

:man_facepalming: is there two Lops now? o.o


? I’m lost

Lol no worries.

:heart: the I love ur picture is there meaning behind it


There’s a lot of us this form that were born with some short of ability or power. I seem to be bee physic. I can remover sewing and hearing and knowing from a young age. My visions started at 13. My son sees and heard spirits and is coming into his powers now. I have both fought against and learned about my “powers”.

A lot of it is learning how to control what you have.


That would be great to do but I tend to ignore it and as I get older it just seeps out sucks so ignoreing i cant do anymore

There are more than one way to complete apotheosis. In religious study, the term is used for a human becoming a divine being, whether we are talking becoming an actual God (as it was viewed by the Romans with beloved Emperors or kings with the Mesopotamians) or becoming one with a preexisting god (such as the Egyptian pharoahs with Osiris). However, it is also used to describe the peak of one’s own developement today.

In other words, it is okay not to strive to become a god. Walk your own path.


I love this thank you

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I’m the queen of ignoring honestly. Mainly though is to come to terms with it and learning how to use it to you advantage. As you get older the reason why will become clear.

I finally figured out why I am who I am this post year. I still struggle a lot, but now I know why. I am
Trying to work on why I am really here now as terrifying as it can be at times.

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