I don't want Kali Ma doing all of the work, would kundalini help?

Kali Ma and I have begun to work on my psychic senses. I don’t want her doing all of the work so what can I do to help? I’ve begun listening to Kundalini meditations. Would that help?

I know I was given some information by a group of helpful individuals a while back but the website would never allow my videos to play. They kept buffering …

Here is the kundalini meditation I’ve been listening to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuERZGHfPB0

Have you prayed to her for guidance?

If you are doing the meditations and visualizations then she isn’t doing all of the work.

If you feel that she is doing a lot for you, I would show her appreciation with offerings and maybe every once in awhile do a 3rd eye or whatever kind of meditation you desire, by yourself.


Or just a thank you through prayer also

Here is what happened. I ended our work for a short time but I today just re -initiated our work. I held her idol in my arms and I sad " Kali Ma do what you do best BUT my main goal in our new work is to awaken Kundalini and to strengthen and uncover my psychic senses" … so I think so. Does that count as asking for guidance?

Sure, but I would keep praying and work with her mantra, Om Krim Kali

Faith goes a long way :slight_smile:

And Mother is very harsh at first I think but she acts out of love

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Yes she is harsh on the ego; sense of false self and identification with the matrix , but I can handle it.

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I think I used to say the same thing lol, and boy she let me have it lmao

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Kali Ma taught me that reality was mere energy and that I could have anything that I wanted because reality is an Illusion.

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True, reality is Maya

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